Fish is not easy to raise, fish tips 1357

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The fish formula 1357 means feeding once a day, changing water once every three days, cleaning the tank once every five days and changing fish once every seven days.This formula can not mechanically mechanically, in general means to frequently feed, frequently change water, frequently clear tank, avoid frequent change of fish, this formula also reflects from the side, fish is really not good to raise.How to Feed fish Properly One principle to keep in mind when feeding fish is to feed them at regular intervals.Fish should be fed daily to avoid long-term fish without food.Fish have smaller stomachs and cannot be fed all the time. Normally they are fed once a day or two.Feeding to do a small number of times feeding, feeding a quantity can not be too much, in order to prevent the fish to die.How to keep the water clean fish keep in mind lazy, change water is particularly important, if you can not adhere to it, it is easy to lead to the death of fish.Fish need clean water environment, if the water is not frequently, there will be a lot of fish excreta and microorganisms in the water, will seriously damage the health of fish.When changing the water, you must clean the walls of the fish tank. Then when changing the water, you also need to supply oxygen, which needs to be carried out for 24 hours.If the summer temperature is relatively high, it is recommended to change the water once in three days, while the water also needs to raise some algae, which can help purify the water.To frequently clean the fish tank to choose the appropriate size of the fish tank, fish density should not be too large.Water containers are easy to get dirty, even if you change clean water to no avail, especially pay attention to the cleaning of the fish tank, if you do not clean the fish tank for a long time, the fish in the fish tank is easy to have health problems, or you will often change new fish.Clean the fish tank of feces and residue frequently, so as not to pollute the water.Poor water quality can also lead to insufficient oxygen, resulting in the death of fish.It is best to install a filter under the tank to remove fish droppings.Avoid the phenomenon of changing fish fish is not easy to feed, many times there will be dead fish phenomenon, then it is necessary to change a batch of fish.Seven days is a general term, it does not mean that fish should be changed often, as long as the fish is healthy, there is no need to change.