Don’t look down upon the talented girl who lost to Gu Ailing, they may be life-long enemies

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Ailin finished with two gold MEDALS and one silver, while Estonia’s Kylie Sildaru, dubbed the “girl genius VS girl genius”, finished with a bronze medal.”I missed Pyeongchang due to injury, so Beijing is my first Winter Olympics and my goal is to win gold,” Kelly said in a press conference ahead of the Beijing Games.Although her results and Gu Ailing opened a big gap, but it would be a mistake to think that Kaylie is nothing more than that, she is well-known in the foreign freestyle skiing world, large and small MEDALS are soft.Gu had more wins in the halfpipe and platform events in international competitions leading up to the Beijing Games, while Siirdaru led gu in women’s slopestyle.For example, at the Mammoth Mountain World Cup in January — slopestyle: Kelly first, Gu Second.Halfpipe: Gu Ailing first, Kelly second.People compare Kelly and Gu together because they are both great and have a lot in common.They are both born in the 2000s – Kelly was born in 2002 and Gu in 2003.In fact, Kelly became famous before Gu.”I’ve looked up to her since I was eight years old,” Gu said in an interview. “Carrie is a great person and a great skier.”Kelly was 13 when she won her first X Games title. Gu was still in junior high school. It would be five years before Gu won gold.Kelly said: “I think skiing is something I do because I like it. I think slopestyle is fun.You can do a lot of different moves, it’s cool, it’s exciting.”Both girls are multisports enthusiasts.In addition to skiing, Gu loves long-distance running, basketball and rock climbing.Sildaru loves frisbee, surfing and golf.Besides, they both like horseback riding.Kelly Sildaru has long made a name for herself as a rising star in freestyle skiing.Her YouTube videos, such as the short film Wanted, have built a huge fan base and helped her make her mark on the international stage.Kelly was born and raised in Estonia and soon fell in love with skiing.However, Estonia’s ski season is not only very short, but there’s not much scenery there.However, such events can not stop her from realizing her dream.Her love for the game, coupled with her amazing natural ability to effortlessly pull off tricks that professionals would not dare try, prompted her parents to travel the world in search of new and challenging experiences for their daughter.One of Kelly’s early achievements was to wow the judges and fellow athletes at the Open freestyle ski competition in Myerhoven, Austria, when she reached base and won with an astonishing 900 turns — a trick she had never attempted before that day.At the 2016 Winter X Games, Kelly became the youngest gold medalist and the youngest double X Games gold medalist.In 2017, at the Winter X Games in Norway, Kylie became the first woman to win Switch 1260° Mute and 1440° in a competition, and it’s safe to say she’s grown ever since.But away from the ski slopes, Kaylie’s home environment is a mixed bag.In early 2021, Kelly went public with allegations of abuse against her father tonys.She said her father subjected her to a physical and emotional assault, training for 10 hours a day and confiscating her mobile phone in order to maximise “cash” from her.Kelly released a recording of her father Shouting abuse for 15 minutes, claiming to keep his rebellious daughter in line.After a confrontation, Kelly runs away from home with a face injury and stays with a friend.”At that moment, I couldn’t complain, I couldn’t even look at him, I just started crying, I couldn’t say anything to him,” Kelly said.But regarding the physical abuse, the father admitted only that he defended himself during the fight with his daughter.Kelly’s physical therapist also confirmed that her father forced her to start training too early before she recovered from the injury.When Kelly protested because she was in pain and tired, her father replied, you shouldn’t complain.Kelly’s parents and her brother have written a letter denying they abused their daughter, but her brother is only 14 years old and Kelly says he was coerced by her parents.Editor: Wei Zhong Responsible Editor: Lu Yifeng source Wenhui client comprehensive from red Bull official website