About buying a house, Spring Festival travel!Entering February, these new rules will be implemented

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New Zealand Jingwei February 1 (Zhang Shunan) into February, a large number of national and local new regulations will be implemented, involving housing, Spring Festival travel, tax, etc.China’s Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and other 13 government departments jointly revised and released the measures on Cyber security review, which took effect on February 15.The measures include data processing activities of network platform operators that affect or may affect national security into cyber security review, and make it clear that network platform operators with personal information of more than one million users must apply for cyber security review to the Cyber security Review Office when they go public abroad.Improving the financing efficiency of Movable property and Guarantee of Right The Central bank issued the Measures for the Unified Registration of Movable property and Guarantee of Right, which took effect on February 1.Further clarify the methods, personal property and rights guarantee functions and scope of unified registration, the registration organ, and refine the registration content, optimizing the registration and query operation process, to better guide the market main body and personal rights guarantee registration and query activity, further improve the efficiency of personal property and rights guarantee financing, optimizing the business environment.The Measures for the Administration of Information Disclosure of Major Trust-breaking Entities in tax Law, which were issued by the State Administration of Taxation, took effect on February 1.In the standard provisions on the determination of trust-breaking subjects, the amount of evading and recovering tax arrears will be raised from 100,000 yuan to more than 1 million yuan, and the amount of falsely issued VAT invoices will be raised to more than 4 million yuan.At the same time, tax withholding agents who fail to pay or underpay the tax withheld or collected and the amount is more than 1 million yuan shall be treated as tax-related parties who illegally provide convenience for taxpayers or withholding agents, resulting in the failure to pay or underpay tax of more than 1 million yuan or defrauding the State of export tax refund.Four types of tax law-breaking subjects, including tax agents who caused taxpayers to fail to pay or underpay tax of more than 1 million yuan, will be included in the scope of trust-breaking subjects.The Measures for The Administration of Information Disclosure of Medical and health Institutions took effect on February 1.According to the measures, medical and health institutions should take the initiative to disclose information on public health and disease emergency response, as well as information on medical insurance, prices and charges, based on their own characteristics and actual service conditions.Medical and health institutions shall not disclose information involving state secrets, trade secrets and the protection of personal information of natural persons.The Measures for the Implementation of Administrative Licensing and Archival Filing of Insurance Intermediaries promulgated by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) shall come into force on February 1.”Method” clear the applicant to apply for business insurance representative business qualification, should conform to the conditions of 11: shall obtain the industrial and commercial business license, the name should be included in the word “insurance agent”, and font size may not be the same as the existing insurance professional intermediaries, and other insurance professional insurance intermediary institutions have the same actual controller except professional agency;The shareholder complies with the requirements of these regulations;The registered capital shall be paid-in monetary capital and shall be held in custody in accordance with the relevant provisions of the CBRC. The minimum registered capital of a national professional insurance agency shall be 50 million yuan, and that of a regional professional insurance agency shall be 20 million yuan.The business scope recorded in the business license shall conform to the relevant provisions of the CBRC.The Format standards for The Disclosure of Enterprise Environmental Information in accordance with the law issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment will come into force on February 8.”Rules” regulation, the listed company through the issuance of stocks, bonds, depository receipts, medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds, short-term financing bonds, asset securitization, bank loans and other forms of financing, shall disclose the information such as annual financing forms, amount, to, and funding for projects to tackle climate change, ecological environment protection and other relevant information.At the same time, enterprises shall disclose environmental information in accordance with the law, in a timely, true, accurate and complete manner. The environmental information to be disclosed shall be concise, clear and easy to understand, and there shall be no false records, misleading statements or major omissions.Water supply, gas supply, heating and other units should set up information disclosure consultation window the Implementation Measures of Water supply, gas supply, heating and other public Enterprises and Institutions information Disclosure issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development came into force on February 1.The measures require public enterprises and institutions such as urban water supply, gas supply and heat supply to promptly disclose relevant information in various forms at the locations of users for the convenience of the public.In case of emergency such as water, gas and heat cut off, relevant information shall be disclosed to the local traditional media and new media platforms in a timely manner.At the same time, it shall set up information disclosure consultation Windows, establish and improve corresponding working mechanisms, strengthen communication and coordination, and respond to the concerns of service objects and the public within a limited time.Provisions on Procedures for Agricultural Administrative Penalties Revised Provisions on Procedures for Agricultural Administrative Penalties issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs came into force on February 1, and agricultural administrative penalties shall be imposed by agricultural administrative law enforcement personnel with administrative law enforcement qualifications.Agricultural administrative law enforcement personnel shall not be less than two, except as otherwise provided for by law.Agricultural administrative law-enforcing personnel shall, when investigating and handling cases of agricultural administrative penalty, take the initiative to show their certificates of administrative law enforcement to the parties or relevant persons, and wear law enforcement symbols in accordance with regulations.Chinese airlines will resume fuel surcharges on domestic flights from Feb 5.The surcharge will be levied on all domestic flights. The surcharge will be 10 yuan for each passenger traveling below 800 kilometers, and 20 yuan for each passenger traveling above 800 kilometers.Local New Regulations Beijing:Discipline class outside school training fee standards new semester started “Beijing compulsory education discipline class outside school training fee management methods (trial)” and online and offline disciplines outside the training fee standards, on February 21 (spring semester) for primary and secondary schools in 2022, clear training institution shall strictly implement the charging information disclosure rules,It shall not raise or disguised the training fee standard established by the government for any reason or in any way, and shall not charge other fees in addition to the training fee.Wuhan:To hype the school district room prices will be included in regulation on February 1, the wuhan city real estate development enterprise credit regulation will be implemented, and new ways to increase the scoring criteria, 18 credit information specified in the name of the school district room and so on hype, house prices in the commodity house project promotion propaganda, or use the name of the school, is still in the planning or construction image marks or other content related to the school,As well as the use of “elite” “degree room” “institution room” “index room” and other violations of compulsory education fair principles related words, misleading the market expectations of the house, will deduct 5 points.The notice on further standardizing the verification and information release of stock housing sources in Nanjing, issued by nanjing Housing Security and Real Estate Bureau, came into effect on February 1.Stock housing in Nanjing (second-hand housing and rental housing for sale) should be checked before listing and released. Only those who have obtained the verification code of housing source can be released externally, and the ownership information of the same housing source released by different channels should be consistent.The move aims to further standardize the release of information, reduce conflicts and disputes in housing transactions, and make property transactions safer and more transparent.: sanya, sanya has a new request to introduce talents renting housing subsidies people club bureau issued “about sanya introduce talents housing subsidies to rent and purchase contract for the record of the notice”, said on February 1, housing rent subsidies and to introduce talents, sanya for housing subsidies, the city living building department for the record shall be supplied by the regulation of the rental agreement or contract that buy a house.Shanxi Province: Implement work safety responsibility for the principal responsible persons of production and Business Operation Units The Regulations on work safety responsibility system for the principal responsible persons of production and business operation units of Shanxi Province came into force on February 1.The regulations require production and business units in mining, hazardous chemicals, metal smelting, construction, transportation and other high-risk industries to carry out work safety assessment and scoring system for the principal person in charge.