Winter Olympics wind Blows Sanya: The Origin of Ice and Fire with Ice Sports

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A man on a powered surfboard glides across the sea in Sanya Bay.Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing reporter Wang Xiaobin Sanya February 12, when the winter Olympics “wind” blew to the long summer Sanya: and ice and snow sports “ice and fire origin”.In the tropics in summer, people can only sit and watch ice and snow games.When the winter Olympics “wind” blows sanya long summer, snow and ice sports show in another form.”These skis are serious snow equipment, more or less worn out at the moment, but have never been on real snow.”Ski instructor Li Yuxin points to a row of single and double skis at Atlantis’ Snow Simulator in Sanya.What caused the skis to wear was a ski simulator in the museum.It can adjust the skiing speed and training slope according to the students’ advanced level.Li Yuxin introduced that the friction resistance of the ski simulator is larger than the real snow, so training on the plane is more tired than the real snow, but it is also easier to form muscle memory, “students can quickly master the basic skills such as plough braking and plough turning of double-board skiing, and after getting started, the primary piste of the ski resort can be easily coped with”.In November 2019, the men’s ice hockey qualifying match of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Sanya, attracting many citizens and tourists.Miss Wang from Jiangxi province has never skied before. “All my friends are Posting videos of the Winter Olympics. I posted a few photos of skiing here, and many people will not believe it.”Put on a full set of protective gear “like crabs” climbed up the simulator, Ms. Wang called “really fun, to find the opportunity to go to the real snow field experience.”The winter Olympic winter Sports have a direct connection with Sanya, where the first qualifying round of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held.In November 2019, the preliminary round of men’s ice hockey for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Sanya.Four teams, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Kuwait and Thailand, competed for qualification in the ice hockey competition in Sanya for the first time.Sanya Enlightenment Ice and Snow Sports Center (hereinafter referred to as “Sanya Enlightenment Ice and Snow”) is the venue for this competition.Located in Tianya District of Sanya city, Qidi Ice & Snow Is the first gas film building stadium in Sanya and the first large-scale ice & snow sports stadium in the southernmost part of China.Skiers experience wakewave surfing in Sanya.”Playing ice and snow in the tropics, the contrast is very topical.”The rink closed last year due to the epidemic and investment, said Li Yuejing, director of Qitqi Ice & Snow In Sanya.”We are planning a ‘ice World’ tourism complex, and the ice rink is one of the supporting facilities.”Li yuejing is looking forward to the Winter Olympics to make ice and snow sports more popular, looking forward to working with all parties to expand ice and snow sports community.Another popular sport in Sanya that has roots in skiing is surfing.The origin of ice and snow is water, and the origin of snowboarding is surfing.”Surfing and snowboarding share a lot of the same technical essentials.”Xiao Hui, head of sanya’s Tailwave World club, says almost all members ski in winter and surf in summer.In the past two years, it is inconvenient to travel across the border. In summer, domestic skiers either choose indoor simulators or surf at the seaside to relieve their addiction.Xiao hui shared a video of his friend Su Yiming wakeboarding in Sanya last year.Su Yiming, a Chinese snowboarder competing in Beijing, has already won a silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final.”At that time, Su learned the 360-degree turn (in cauda surfing) in ‘one second.'”Xiao Hui said that Su yiming physical strength to make people envy.Skiing coach Li Yuxin teaches technical movements at the indoor ski gym.In addition to the overlap of skiing and surfing, the “winter snow and summer training” of snowsports athletes is also the “east wind” of the Winter Olympics in Sanya.”The ‘winter snow Summer Training’ is snow sports in the winter and water sports training in the summer.”Bao Yongzhou, president of the Sanya Sports Tourism Association, said several water sports have been training subjects for the national ski team, such as power surfboard, which can improve the balance and coordination of snowboarders.”‘ Winter snow and summer training ‘is an opportunity for sports development in Sanya during the Winter Olympics.”Bao Yongzhou said that sanya’s current water events, no matter come to leisure experience, or professional training, the relevant needs can be met.(after)