The swindler pretended to be a public security fraud, the police intercepted successfully stop loss of 80,000 yuan

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Police in Xinzhou district, Wuhan, Hubei province, stopped a fraud of posing as a public security official and saved 80,000 yuan in losses by joining hands online and offline to stop the fraud before the money transfer.”Police comrade, thank you, otherwise I was cheated!”At around 9:30 am on April 3, A woman named Zhang, who lives in Zhucheng Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan city, made a special trip to the Zhucheng police station to present a brocade flag bearing the slogan “Fight crime for the people” to the police.At 11:26 a.m. on April 1, zhucheng police Station of Xinzhou District of Wuhan Public Security Bureau received an urgent warning from the anti-fraud center: It was suspected that someone was impersonating the public security law and was carrying out a telecom and Internet fraud against a resident surnamed Zhang.After receiving the warning, the police on duty Dai Yiting quickly telephone contact Ms Zhang, but the other phone has been in the call.In an emergency, Dai Yiting immediately reported to the leadership on duty, on the one hand, she continued to contact Ms. Zhang and her family, analysis of its trajectory, on the other hand, the community police Li Quanshou led auxiliary police Wu Jie quickly rushed to Ms. Zhang’s residence, through the “online + offline” combined mode, I hope to find Ms. Zhang as soon as possible.After many efforts, at 1:00 p.m., the police finally found a remote path near Ms. Zhang community is operating mobile phone banking, ready to transfer the card of 80,000 yuan to the other Mrs. Zhang.Police immediately to Ms. Zhang to intercept the dissuasion.It is understood that Ms Zhang received a strange phone call that day, the other party claiming to be “handling the case police”, said that Ms Zhang’s bank account is suspected of fraud, requiring it to “cooperate with the police investigation”.In order to prove his innocence, Ms. Zhang did not have time to think, listen to the instructions of the other side, go out to find a remote place, and download the APP designated by the other side, block all calls from the phone, but also through the “video conference” software and the other side of the phone screen sharing.Just as Ms. Zhang login mobile banking, ready to follow the instructions of the swindler will be 80,000 yuan deposit into the other designated “security account”, was successfully intercepted by police.Return to the Mrs. Zhang this just realize oneself almost be cheated, call good danger.Subsequently, the police to Ms. Zhang scene propaganda anti-fraud knowledge, in-depth explanation of the crime of posing as a public security fraud and prevention skills, and for her to download and install the “National anti-fraud center” APP and start the call warning mode.Ms. Zhang thanked the police, and said that the future must understand more anti-fraud knowledge, vigilance, more prevention.Source: Jingchu