Section shanbin, director of the paper Square sub-district office, led a team to visit schools in the area of investigation

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Duan Shanbin, director of Zhifang Sub-district Office, led a team to visit and investigate schools in the district. February 16th was the first day of the formal school term for students. The campus was full of books and vitality.On this day, Duan Shanbin, director of Zhifang Sub-district Office of Jiangxia District, and Shao Jinju, third-level investigator, accompanied by Chen Mingli, director of Zhifang Education Branch, visited all the middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens under the jurisdiction of Zhifang Sub-district.Duan Shanbin, director of Zhifang Sub-district Office, led the team to visit and investigate schools in the district. When they arrived at a school or kindergarten, they first visited teachers and checked the implementation of school work, including epidemic prevention and control, material storage, site elimination and students’ enrollment in the school and other related work.And field visits to the campus capacity, facilities and equipment as well as campus security prevention and other work, to understand the surrounding environment of the school and the existing security risks, to analyze the causes of the problem and explore the practical solutions to the problem.Duan Shanbin, director of Zhifang Sub-district Office, led the team to visit and investigate the schools in the district. Then in the research symposium, Director Duan had a detailed understanding of the school’s floor area and building area, the number of students in school, the allocation of teachers and the basic information of school running characteristics.Patiently listen to the principals and principals of the school on the current situation of running the school, development goals and encountered bottlenecks and urgent difficulties to solve the report.Paper lane street section good bin, director of the office visiting research area does each school section of paper lane street, director of the school and kindergarten school characteristics and working situation given the full affirmation, and said that education is GongZaiDangDai cabinet, difficulties in the development of schools, as a basic unit government, street agency will do all it can to help solve.It is hoped that all schools and kindergartens should innovate their work ideas, improve their educational quality, optimize their management, highlight their educational characteristics, and push Zhifang Street schools and kindergartens to a new level.Correspondent Li Ying recited Wang Meng liu Jun