Quality selection car: accurate positioning QQ ice cream can detonate sales

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“Be in the right place at the right time,” it covers everything on the road to success in any market.At the end of 2018, China suspended “Laotou Le” due to its potential safety problems. In this context, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV has perfectly filled the market gap of “Laotou Le”, and its market performance is obvious to all, including tesla Model 3, Tianyi, Lavida and other models.That is, from the hongguang MINIEV, the A00 class pure electric vehicle market once again full of vitality.Chery also saw the opportunity of this segment of the market, restart “QQ” this well-known IP, launched QQ ice cream model, intent to compete with Hongguang MINIEV market segment share.As a latecomer, can Chery QQ ice cream show its strength in the market segment and impact Hongguang MINIEV?This quality car will be interpreted in detail for you.Chery QQ ice cream has launched 3 models, with the price range from 29,900 yuan to 43,900 yuan.As a pure electric minicar, in addition to assuming the tool attributes of the car, the new car has excellent performance in the same level with its appearance, simple interior and good mileage. In addition to all kinds of fancy brand marketing, QQ ice cream is very popular.Although pure electric minicar is regarded as the replacement product of “elderly mobility car”, it is still difficult to attract consumers without some real efforts in the product, and the competition in the A00 market is increasingly fierce, so if you want to stand out, you must have your own bright spot.Chery QQ ice cream interior no fancy things, the overall design is very simple.Although there is no LCD screen in the center console, there is a mobile phone stand on the top, so as long as your mobile phone screen is big enough, the experience is also good.In addition, thanks to the hollowing process at the bottom of the central control, the space at the bottom is relatively good. At the same time, the a-pillar on both sides of the car is thinner, and the visual aspect of the driver is relatively good.In order to create a more spacious car space, chery QQ ice cream seat design is relatively thin, but the manufacturer has made a very big effort in the material, its use of antibacterial ecological fabric, with Germany Rhine health car certification, I believe that will capture a large number of “treasure mom” people’s trust.In addition, the new car also offers coconut white, light lotus root, cherry pink, sea salt blue, lemon yellow, taro purple and mint green seven body colors, and with the cute exterior design, very pleasing to female consumers.Second, the product competitiveness analysis in recent years, domestic mini market development is very rapid, all kinds of mini arises at the historic moment, but comprehensive cost, body size and orientation, chery QQ ice cream the most direct competitors is wuling macro light MINIEV and punk meimei two models, of course, has not yet officially listed MINIEV scenery.In terms of brand, Chery and SAIC-GM-Wuling both have a good influence in the domestic market. Their models are not only strong in product strength, but also cost-effective.In contrast, the reputation of Punk Car is much smaller. Punk Electric Car is a new energy vehicle brand of Imperial Jet Group, which mainly focuses on electric vehicles.In terms of price, the starting price of Chery QQ ice cream and Punk Meimei is about 29,000 yuan, while that of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV is as high as 37,000 yuan. Moreover, the top-matching model of Chery QQ ice cream has the lowest price among the three models, so it is very competitive in price.In terms of appearance, Punk Meimei has adopted a more rounded body line, while the other two models have adopted a square modeling design.At the same time, Punk Meimei adopts the split headlight that is more mainstream in cars, and the LED daytime running light on the top is in strip style. However, I think this design has a certain sense of violation when put on a mini car. In contrast, QQ ice cream and HongguangminIEV, each element is very regular, and the visual effect is quite lovely.In terms of vehicle configuration, it is not difficult to see that the overall configuration level of Punk Meimei is low, but the maximum power and maximum torque parameters of its motor are more outstanding, and the tire is equipped with 14 inches, which is more magnificent visually.Chery QQ ice cream and Wuling Hongguang MINIEV are the same in power, tire size and other aspects, but differ only in configuration.Among them, Compared with Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Chery QQ Ice cream has more multi-functional steering wheel and manual inner rearview mirror to prevent glare, and the two models are equipped with main driving airbag, child seat interface and rear parking radar, which improves the safety factor a lot compared with Punk Meimei.Product Quality & Service Trend Analysis As chery New Energy brand impact on the micro electric market, whether QQ ice cream will have quality problems hidden trouble?In this regard, we will start with the problems of QQ ice cream models in the past year, through the comparison of problems, so as to preliminarily predict the development trend of new car quality problems in the future.Since QQ ice cream is a brand new model, we will analyze the complaints of Chery new Energy brand models in the past year.Through the complaint data of Chery new Energy brand models in the past year, it can be found that the failure problems are mainly concentrated in “power battery failure”, and the complaints are mostly concentrated on little Ant models, and most of them are 2018 and 2019 models.In addition, “charging failure”, “air conditioning problems” and “brake failure” related complaints are also relatively large, also the “contribution” of small ants.Since Chery New Energy Little Ant is also the main micro electric car market, so QQ ice cream and little Ant may share parts and technology, so QQ ice cream also has the probability of the above problems, but the actual situation will be determined after it has been on the market for a period of time.With the continuous development of China’s automobile market, the level of brand pre-sale/after-sales service and the quality of purchase experience have gradually become important factors affecting consumers’ final purchase.Therefore, based on the massive big data of the vehicle quality network, we will analyze the common service problems of brands or car series in the past year, so as to provide more objective reference for consumers to purchase car models.Since QQ ice cream is a brand new model, we will analyze the service complaints of Chery New Energy brand in the past year.Through screening the complaint data of Chery new Energy brand models, it can be found that the number of complaints of “no claim” and “service promise not fulfilled” is relatively high.Through further analysis, it can be seen that the above problems are mostly concentrated in the Little Ant model, while the number of other complaints is relatively small and scattered.In terms of the evaluation of new car after-sales service reputation, we will analyze the response of enterprises to owners’ complaints to predict the future after-sales service reputation of new cars relatively objectively.According to qesv data, the complaint response rate of chery new Energy brand models in the past year was 94.3%, ranking the bottom in the minicar market, indicating that manufacturers’ attention to owners’ demands needs to be improved.Iv. After-sales service policy and network distribution policy: On the day of the launch of QQ ice cream, the official launch of Q Yidai, Q Zhikong, Q Lehang, Q Casual use and happy setting sail courtesy, Q Lehang includes free inspection and 3-year free road rescue.Q With extra long warranty (8 years or 150,000 km), free electricity change;Happy set sail gift includes the first year of compulsory insurance (limited to the first 50000), basic traffic free for life.(For details, please refer to chery New Energy’s official website) After the purchase of vehicles, it is bound to involve the daily maintenance of vehicles. At this time, the number and distribution of brand dealer stores are very important, and even have a certain influence on whether consumers buy the brand models.According to data from Chezhing.com, QQ ice cream currently has 352 dealers in China, covering 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central Government, among which henan and Shandong have a relatively large number of dealers.In general, QQ ice cream dealers have a wide distribution and satisfactory performance.Conclusion: Following the hot sales of Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, Chery New Energy also quickly targeted this segment of the market and launched a new micro electric vehicle QQ ice cream.As the first product under Chery iCar ecology, the new Car has a deep insight into domestic consumer demand, and integrates the popular “K-Car” design concept of economy, practicality and fun in Japan and Europe to create innovative products suitable for domestic consumer groups.With cute and fashionable appearance, simple and lively interior, flexible and practical space and affordable price, it is believed that the new car will become another “dark horse” after macro MINIEV.