Ningnan County: holding the party flag to protect the forest party member cadres in the front line

2022-08-06 0 By

Ningnan County strengthens the party construction service guarantee, earnestly takes the forest grassland fire prevention work as an important political responsibility on the shoulder, grasps in the hand, vigorously promotes the forest grassland fire prevention work each measure to be implemented, resolutely fights the forest grassland fire prevention battle.The main responsibility of compaction.32 county-level leaders took the lead in the contact with the town squatting supervision, organization of all levels of party members cadres 31,140 more than person sinking fire front line, to assist the formation of UNPROFOR group 3812, actively elected rural non-duty party members as UNPROFOR group leader.Set up 3 unannounced inspection group, carry out daily inspection.Up to now, China has conducted 49 unannounced inspections and rectified 128 typical problems.Enhance prevention and control capacity.Set up 97 party members “commando”, party members every day sink to the key forest areas, key bayonet work.In the forest area, 43 stuck guard points, 6 front guard points, 2 lookout posts and 23 sets of intelligent lookout posts were upgraded.Assisted towns and villages to organize teams at all levels to carry out regular “fire fighting with water” combat drills for 386 times.Strengthen publicity and education.Make full use of township party school, dam dam meeting, “village ring” broadcast, mobile publicity vehicles, mobile party members and other forms and carriers, in-depth linbian village, linbian households, ten unprofor groups continue to promote forest grassland fire prevention and fire-fighting related policies.In key forest areas, grave concentration areas and densely populated places, scientific propaganda slogans and signs have been set up, 685 banner slogans have been hung, 3,520 signs have been installed, and 9,800 fire prevention and fire prohibition orders have been posted at all levels.We held 1,520 warning meetings on cases, distributed more than 30,000 copies of information, and educated more than 200,000 Party members and officials.(Article/Xu Wenqi) Source: Ningnan County Party Committee Organization Department editor: Gao Zheng Editor: Cheng Kerer Editor: Wu Yiran