Jokic officially turns 27!Is it at its peak or on the rise?

2022-08-06 0 By

Beijing time on February 20, THE NBA All-Star game opened the second day, and today, is also the birthday of the Nuggets star Jokic, today, Jokic officially entered the 27 years old, imperceptibly, that with Zhou Qi entered the league together with the boy, now has been 27 years old.Jokic has been a star for the Nuggets since he was drafted 41st overall in 2014. He won the MVP last season and is in his prime and, at 27, has a lot of room for improvement.Last season, Jokic broke history by becoming the lowest-ranked REGULAR season MVP in NBA history.Now, Jokic could be the lowest-ranked player to win back-to-back MVPS, as he remains a contender for the MVP award this season.Jokic is the no. 1 MVP so far, and the Nuggets finished sixth in the Western Conference despite losing no. 2 Murray and no. 3 Porter to jokic.In addition, Jokic’s personal strength and statistics are excellent, full attendance is also very high, therefore, Jokic is expected to win the MVP again this season, if can accomplish, for a player selected 41, it is very difficult, make history.So, at 27 years old, jokic is still in his prime, still on the rise, his future, the possibilities are endless, if Jokic can win a championship, then the future jokic will retire, at least into the top 20 stars of all time.