It’s 2022. Who would have thought that TVB’s 12 year old distraction was still going up?

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A piece of cold knowledge, TVB drama “Hero of women” has been more than 10 years ago.As the peak work of Hong Kong drama, Hong Kong drama fans who are familiar with Hong Kong drama, are deeply impressed by the series.From 2007 to 2010, the two series “The Storm of Greed” and “Hero of Ten” dominated the ratings and word-of-mouth.Of course, in addition to these two series, TVB also broadcast a lot of classic TV series.”Palace Scheming”, “The Bling Ring” and other episodes, are very wonderful film and television drama.Even after many years, these episodes are still portrayed in the minds of viewers as classic memories.And as a big hit at that time, there is one that must be unforgettable for the audience for a long time.Now that it’s 2022, who would have thought that TVB’s 12 year old distraction was still going up in scores?The score of “A Hero of Justice”, which has been stable at 9.2, rose again recently, to 9.4.Why did this show become TVB’s most distracting drama and one that audiences will never forget?One of the main reasons is that the plot is “cool”.In addition, there are a lot of wonderful content worth mentioning.Next, let’s talk about the work called “Canonization.”01 a “cool drama” “Hero of the Heroic”, as “Hero of the Heroine” companion piece, its debut let the audience feel, what is called “fast-paced cool drama”.From the beginning of the story, Tang Sheren plays the heroine “Zheng Jiu mei”, on its own strong female energy field, shock everyone.In the process of the story, Zheng jiu-mei has been rational, with wisdom to do everything.At the same time, she met Liu Xing as the leading man.In the later “big heroine” plays, we can always see many “big heroine” secretly, need to rely on the support of the male protagonist, to “self-reliance and self-improvement”.But “nine girl” Zheng Jiu mei relies on oneself only however, help Liu Wake to solve a difficult problem even, this is true “big female advocate”.Zheng Jiu-mei’s people set, is a favor will be repaid, revenge will be avenged.Because Liu Woke up to help him, Zheng Jiu mei is right liang Feifan undertakes “support kill”, hold him in both hands omni – knowing “sweet property”, then report to the police, inform against, let liang Feifan fall into disgrace.Although Zheng Jiu-mei does things look very out of line, but in fact these out of line things, Zheng Jiu-mei only to the disloyal and unjust people will be so.And the development of the story, also showed the “ruthless” Zheng Jiu Mei.Ostensibly a family business, Chung wanted to burn off all the poison.It can also be seen that Zheng Jiumei is fierce.To help her children leave, Chung made deals with the Japanese, even as she became addicted to drugs.In “The Hero of the Hero”, we can see the plot to be more straightforward, how straightforward.It is not difficult to find that liu Xing and Zheng Jiu-mei, as the leading role, do not have too much of the so-called leading role halo.Drama shows, is this crisis times, a group of loyal children’s ups and downs of life.All of this is one of the reasons why the show gets high marks.The drama also has a very key emotional line, is the decision of “A Few Heroes” can get high marks.It is not hard for the audience to find that the routines of this kind of drama are all kinds of emotional entanglements, separation and separation.The products of this kind of drama are the domineer who falls in love with me and the confession of his youth.But in “Just Sea of Passion”, Liu Xing and nine girls romantic life, but let a lot of people are envious.Because this relationship line, there is no half “love” word, but the love of the two protagonists, but can span most of their lives.Early liu Xing and Zheng Jiu mei, just cooperative relations.Zheng Jiu-mei is a gang “everybody elder sister”, and Liu Xing also just regard Zheng Jiu-mei as a “nasty character”.Along with the story to advance, Zheng Jiu mei and Liu Xing’s relationship began from good friends, go to the relationship of good friends.Even in dire straits, both have saved each other’s lives.Encounter difficulties, they did not say “I love you”, “I like you” so true words.On the contrary, when two people in distress decided to leave, said the most moving “confession”.”Live together, die together”.Even after 30 years apart, the two never gave up trying to find each other.One is in the papers looking for him, and the other is doing everything he can to find him.Even if the two met again later, Zheng jiu-mei only saw Liu Xing, but also did not forget to pay tribute to the words.Liu Xing and Zheng Jiu-mei’s feelings are more like those of the older generation.That kind of love, although not said, but already identified the other half is their own, accompany their life that person.Such romantic feelings are certainly an important reason for good results in A Just Sea of Pride.However, even with such a highly distracting drama, some netizens feel that the show still fails.However, how to understand this “failure” is a matter of opinion.Are there still “failures”?There is a female character in the play who is considered a “failure”.She is “diary qing” Liu Qing.Serve as liu Xing’s younger sister, Liu Qing suffers from heart leak disease, be like “drag bottle” existence.But Liu Qing is a kind and good character, not a villain.The reason she failed was that she not only failed to help at the critical moment, she also screwed her brother.When Liu Xing was threatened, liu Qing was caught could have escaped, did not expect her to “send sheep into the mouth of the tiger” turned back, so that the popularity does not play a place to.Whenever there is an important plot or big scene, the scriptwriter will use Liu Qing’s diary to briefly explain and skip, so that the audience can hardly feel the tension of that era, all kinds of atmosphere.This is why, “diary qing” Liu Qing is considered to be one of the reasons for failure.But this character, in fact, is a normal, not a villain.It depends on how the audience views these characters.Overall, this TVB drama is very good.After many years, “Hero of a Hero” is still able to maintain the score of the rise, it can be seen that the audience of its recognition.And the score of the rise, but also with the structure of the drama, the character set is inseparable from the relationship.Although not to reach the “perfect” status, but as a ratings break, have a good reputation, “A Hero” is indeed a classic.Although many years have passed, I can still feel the positive energy spirit conveyed by the characters in the play.With such a great show, it’s no wonder its scores are still going up today.