Interior clean is very important to summarize the vehicle interior maintenance experience

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A clean and fresh, bright and comfortable driving environment can not only prolong the life of the interior, but also effectively improve the driving mood.Car maintenance is very important, about the vehicle interior maintenance experience to do a summary.1, the seat of the general vehicle seat part occupies most of the car area, is also one of the owners of the contact part.When the seat is not very dirty, it is recommended to use a brush with long hair and a strong suction vacuum cleaner to brush the surface of the seat while vacuuming dirt out.For particularly dirty seats, there are several steps to thoroughly clean them.First of all, clean dirtier parts with a brush, such as larger stains, garbage, stains, dirt, etc.Then wipe the seat surface thoroughly with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of neutral detergent.Special attention should be paid to the rag must be wring dry, to prevent excess moisture into the sponge, resulting in wet seats, uncomfortable and more easily contaminated by dust.After wiping the seat surface, vacuum cleaner is used to clean the seat again, in order to suck the dirt that remains on the surface, also can suck away redundant moisture, make the seat dry as soon as possible, put into use.High-grade cars use leather seats, both comfortable and noble, the service life is longer.Dermis is natural thing, maintain rise nature cannot despise.Ordinary chemical cleaning agent is not used casually in them, should choose alkaline cleaning agent, like soapy water and so on, after washing with cotton paper towel dry.Daily maintenance, in addition to avoid sharp scraping, but also pay attention to dustproof sunscreen.Because dust is all-pervasive, it will absorb the natural oil of leather, resulting in dry leather;The same applies to leather seats as the sun ages the skin.Another expert advice, leather do not use “protectant”, this kind of substance can make leather “addictive”, must be used regularly, otherwise the leather will be dull, lifeless, and the key is that “protectant” is not much good for leather.To the seat of fabric fabrics, processing rises a few simpler relatively.It is recommended that the new car be maintained and cleaned when it is bought back, and be sure to dry immediately, so that there is no water mark inside.Usually use professional cleaning agent cleaning protection, such as accidentally dripping juice or coffee and other colored liquid, you are advised to wash off in time, in order to keep the car clean and tidy.2. Dashboard Another important part of the car interior is the dashboard that every passenger will face directly. Its cleanliness is the main part that people pay attention to when checking whether the car is clean.If you take a quick look at the dashboard, you’ll notice that there are very few areas that can be cleaned with just a rag and sponge.General general car beauty shop will have cleaning vehicle interior tools to sell, such as cleaning air conditioning outlet special cleaning strip.If you don’t want to go to the store to buy these tools, you can also make a few “special tools” at home using pieces of wood of different thickness to clean complex areas.Making method is very simple: repair the head of the piece of wood into oblique triangle, rectangle or point shape and other different styles, and then wrap it in a clean cloth to clean the dashboard, is the ideal tool, not only improve the cleaning effect, while not causing damage to the cleaning part.For example: with a relatively wide wood chip or ruler, wrapped in cloth to clean the air conditioning air supply louver part, not only smooth and good effect;Use a sharp piece of wood or ruler, wrapped with a cloth to clean the edge of the meter switch corner and other parts, it is easy to wipe the gray tip clean.In addition, the instrument panel is mostly plastic material, under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays in the sun and ozone in the air, the plastic material will appear aging, embrittlement, cracking and other phenomena for a long time.To reduce the aging of these plastic parts, a layer of clean protective water wax can be besmeared on the dashboard at ordinary times.Water wax can effectively prolong the service life of plastic materials.3, car carpet inside the car is easy to dirty carpet, carpet is also the front of the owner.High-grade car with the carpet is basically and the car as a whole, not easy to remove clean, so usually placed in the car to move the mat.If the mat is dirty, just take it out of the car and pat it or wash it.To dirtier carpet, need uses special scour.Generally in the use of detergent to clean before dust treatment, and then spray the right amount of detergent, brush clean, clean cloth will be residual detergent suction.Special attention should be paid to the carpet is not completely into the water immersion scrub, because it will destroy the carpet internal several layers of different material bonding, but also make the carpet in a long time can not be dry and affect the use of the effect, cause wet car.Ordinary vehicles can also be installed with floor glue can effectively keep the internal floor of the vehicle clean, but as for whether the taste of vehicle preparation after installing the floor glue has an impact on this depends on different people.4, car roof car roof after long-term use, often in the humble place to accumulate a lot of dust, these places are often less than the daily cleaning care place.The cleanness method of canopy is to undertake large area cleanness with high-power cleaner and brush first normally, clean the place with neuter wash liquid to emphasize cleanness bilge concentration next, clean in the round again.But it must be noted that the filling material in the roof is sound insulation material, water absorption capacity is very strong, when cleaning the rag must be dry, otherwise the wet rag will be wet roof material is difficult to dry.Note: The roof of the general car is often unrepairable, so if the vehicle roof once left a scar such as cigarette burns, the only repair method is often to replace the entire interior roof of the vehicle.The price of this part is not cheap, generally 4S shops quote more than 3000, at the same time, there is no insurance claim for the replacement of this part, and it takes a long time to repair.So owners in the car should be as careful as possible not to make the vehicle canopy damage.5. In order to make the interior more beautiful and comfortable, modern cars use a large number of composite materials, including more vinyl plastic fiber.For the cleaning of these special materials, owners should also pay attention to.For special materials, spray detergent directly on them, and then wipe them dry with a rag. Don’t forget to spray a layer of vinyl plastic rubber protective agent to prevent premature aging, brittle, and hardening.For high-grade car leather interior parts, should adhere to regular cleaning and maintenance, so that they do not dry aging and cracking damage.Special cleaner should be chosen when cleaning leather, dip on the rag for cleaning, after completion, it is best to use natural drying, spray on special leather wax, polish with dry cloth.Want to maintain regular only proper, leather adorn article is ok almost forever y long use.6, car mahogany interior maintenance (1) daily maintenance: the car is newly installed after the mahogany interior, can be wiped with a soft wet cloth every day, to wipe off the dust stuck to the top, maintain the normal luster of the mahogany.In the wipe, do not use dry cloth directly wipe, do not use acid or alkaline cleaning agent, so will damage the light glaze above the mahogany.(2) How to maintain luster after aging:Peach wooden interior also to have certain life, particularly in the use after a period of time, after it light on the surface of the glaze is gradually wear will lead to the peach wooden interior appear dim phenomenon, the term called “matt”, these are normal phenomenon, when appear this kind of phenomenon also is in good condition and your peach wooden interior do not need to change, you can take the following measures to restore its luster:You can when the car wax on the peach wooden interior point wax, and then with a soft wet cloth to quickly wipe on it, because the peach wooden interior is due to the above, the phenomenon of the bleak light glaze glossiness is reduced, and car wax purpose is to make the light glaze to radiant, at the time of wax is wiped, remember that wipes faster, along a direction.When waxing is powerless, it shows that the light glaze on the mahogany interior of your car has been worn out. At this time, it is better to spray the glaze again after polishing, but it is obvious that often polishing will damage the mahogany interior.7. Other interior for the steering wheel and transmission, brake and other parts of the car, you can use a small toothbrush or stained with interior cleaning agent cleaning cloth, and then spray glass coating products on the windshield, in order to prevent rain or snow days or winter driving window fog.