“Frozen,” “Ski Doctor,” the best skier of the doctors?

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Alpine skiing is the fastest and most dangerous of all winter Olympic events.In the face of the Winter Olympics every four years, all athletes sprint as hard as they can, and the injury rate is as high as 15 percent.The alpine skiing medical team of Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the most skillful skiing doctor and the highest medical skill in skiing circle.In February 2019, medical staff from more than a dozen medical institutions in Beijing formed a 100-strong medical team at the National Alpine Ski Center, including medical officers, associate medical officers and ski doctors. The team’s specialties cover disciplines that may be involved in sports injuries, such as trauma, spine, joints, sports medicine, thoracic surgery and internal medicine.They train for seven to eight hours a day for two to three months a year.In Chongli, Zhangjiakou, the team participated in skiing training and rescue drills, including skiing with heavy loads, quick transfer of the injured on the piste, CPR and first aid intubation on the piste, etc.Ski doctors must have strong skills to be competent in skiing and first aid work, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary injuries.Splinting, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other operations performed on the slopes for injured athletes are very different from those performed in hospitals or city support.In extremely cold weather, ski doctors should carry drugs, injections and other medical equipment, and properly solve the problem of hypothermia of athletes.In addition, on ski slopes, rescuers have to make sure they don’t slide and that medical equipment doesn’t slip.In order to ensure that the accident athletes can receive rescue at the first time, the medical team set up 8 to 10 trackside medical stations at the venue and the speed track respectively, each station is equipped with ski doctors and rescue team members.Once an athlete has an accident, a rescue team will be sent to the field by the medical station to check the injury condition. According to the injury condition, the ski doctor will be timely called for treatment.If the injury is serious, the rescue team will cooperate with the ski doctor to transport the injured to the athlete’s medical station for treatment.In critical cases, the joint helicopter will quickly transport the injured to the medical station for advanced life support and then to the designated hospital.After many tests and countless training, the “ski doctors” are full of confidence in the “tough battle” of medical security in the Winter Olympics, and they are determined to show the charm of Chinese doctors in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Article/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter: Yang Min collated photo/Xinhua Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Zhou Wanqi