2022 will be the year cattle loses money, and the industry will face risks

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The Spring Festival has passed, and the price of fattening cattle has not improved at all. No cattle traders are even willing to collect cattle, which inevitably makes cattle raisers feel bad. Will 2022 be the year of losing money on cattle?What are the risks facing the industry?1, cattle losing money or become a sure thing now fat cattle prices in 17 yuan/jin above, but a little less fat may even 16 yuan/jin are not sold, and even no cattle dealers, slaughterhouses are willing to.According to the current cost of calf, feed, labor and so on, as long as the price of fattening cattle is less than 16 yuan/catty, it may face the risk of losing money.Some people may say, when cows are well fed, they can make money.It may be easy to say, but it is really difficult to do. Some people have been raising cattle all their lives, but they have not been able to raise their cattle as fat as cattle traders and slaughterhouses require.First, cattle need good quality to breed well, but there may not be even 30% of high-quality calves in the market, and the price is high.Second, even if you buy a good calf at a high price, if the nutrition and feeding management are not enough, you will still not be able to raise a good fat.As a result, it is very difficult for most cattle farmers to make money with cattle prices below the break-even line.2, cow breeding challenges Many cattle farmers believe that cattle prices are not ideal, raising female cattle face less risk and pressure, but breeding female cattle in 2022 will also face great challenges.First of all, the price of calves is also not ideal, now about 400 kg of bullocks, cattle traders buy the price is only about 8000 yuan/head, and the number of cows calving is generally only about 70% (that is, 10 cows can only 7 calves a year), a cow’s annual feeding cost is about 4000 yuan.Calf from birth to 400 kg weaning costs about 1500 yuan, calculated down the cost of a calf will be 7200 yuan, calculated down to sell a calf can only earn about 800 yuan, this profit may not even be enough labor costs, let alone the interest generated by the high cost of raising female cattle.Second, it is a variety of cattle infected very much, and some of the cattle infected will affect the normal cow breeding, such as cow disease serious fashion now, once infected cow cow foot-and-mouth disease in pregnancy, there will be a larger may be abortion, again like last year qiu dong season northeast red feather disease is very serious,The main manifestations are cow abortion, premature birth, birth of deformed calves, who dare to say that this autumn and winter season will not happen again?Will not spread to other areas?Once a cow is infected with bovine disease, miscarriage and premature birth, it may be fed for a year in vain.In 2022, it is not only cattle farmers who face various risks, but also cattle traders, slaughterhouses and other related people or industries.Let’s start with the cattle traders. When the cattle price is not ideal, people are not enthusiastic about raising cattle. The cattle traders may face problems in selling calves when they collect them, and may even lose money.And slaughterhouses, don’t think that just because the price of fattened cattle is cheaper, they’re going to make more money.Why do slaughterhouses lower the price of fattening cattle?In addition to the double impact of imported beef and the fatigue of the consumer market, the slaughtered beef cannot be sold and cannot be sold at a price. If there is no accident, the amount of imported beef will increase in 2022.Finally, the grass field, cattle price is not ideal, many cattle farmers are not willing to buy grass to buy materials, in short, can save the province, so the market is not fast, if this summer is not tender to sell the stored grass, then the grass field will face summer mildew, autumn impact of new grass and other problems.Talk about: How do you feel about raising cattle in 2022?Make money or lose money?What are the possible risks?