0 points 2 turnovers!Faced with the old master was abandoned, performance cliff slide, whether regret to leave the team decision

2022-08-06 0 By

In shandong men’s basketball 116-112 victory over Shanxi men’s basketball game, Liu Guancen faced his old team without a point, bad performance was abandoned by Xu Changsuo, I do not know in the face of former teammates, Liu Guancen will regret giving up the original decision to leave Shanxi men’s basketball?The game Liu Guan cen substitute, which is after the simmons appearance, made the corresponding adjustment, Xu Changsuo, after all, as men’s basketball team, shanxi old Xu Changsuo also hope Liu Guan cen can produce certain effect, but the individual on the offensive end play is not ideal, mistakes again and again, in just less than 2 minutes of playing time, then be substituted,Meanwhile, referring to the excellent performance of Hou Peizuo at the same position, Liu Guancen did not get playing time in the following game, and his personal statistics were fixed at 2 minutes, with 0 points, 1 rebounds, 0 assists and 2 turnovers.Liu Guan cen as shanxi old men’s basketball team will be in the team, as many as four seasons is also his move from shanxi team shandong men’s basketball team this season, because the squad is very full, shandong men’s basketball team, a pair including Ding Yanyu air return from injury, as well as Li Jingyu, Qiao Wenhan, Liu Yideng person, at the beginning of the season because Liu Guan cen has excellent defensive ability,Was Xu Changsuo as team players, but as the suffered injuries and Xu Changsuo strategic adjustment, Liu Guan cen in the shandong men’s basketball tactical status more and more low, there is feeling, the last time the individual scoring against Qingdao on January 14, have to ahead of men’s basketball team 2 points, has six games scoreless.Liu Guancen is 200CM tall and is the court leader of the forward line. In Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team, he gradually grew from a regular rotation player to a main player. In the 19-20 season, he played a very important role in Wang Fede’s tactical system, especially in the defensive aggression, he became the team’s first choice to defend foreign players, and his average playing time reached 31.5 minutes.His personal statistics are 8.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.2 strong points and 0.4 blocks, and he once became the league’s first-class forward player.This season after returning to Shandong men’s basketball team, Liu Guancen’s playing time has dropped to 16.2 minutes per game, only 3.1 points 2.1 rebounds, I don’t know in this game against his old team Shanxi men’s basketball game, liu Guancen will regret his decision to leave Shanxi men’s basketball team?