Wechat online new features!Net friend: Too smart

2022-08-05 0 By

According to users’ feedback, wechat iOS version in the “Settings” – “General” – “photos, videos, files and calls” has appeared in the “chat picture search” function, has been pushed to most users.After this function is enabled, you can search for pictures in chat by picture information.The user can enter the description of the image or the text in the picture in the search box to search.This time, it also added “TWO-DIMENSIONAL code”, “screenshots”, “people”, “food” and “plants” and other search buttons. Before this, the chat image search function only allowed users to enter text content and image description in the search box to search.Many netizens said, “this function fragrant ~” fish fish but not redundant: search picture is too intelligent how I found that the bighead fish love grapefruit: this function is very good, lots of carbon: so it is really too convenient cocoa tea 2328: After reading I want to try zhuoshen: Just tried it very practical, errong OhI think it is very practical, for example, you can search “invoice”, “chat history”, “Weibo screenshot”. I just tried orange pie with high accuracy: album is already ok. What do you think of this new function of wechat?Author: Science Popularization in China