“Tiger” full power!Cloud Spring Festival Gala full “New Year flavor” open also city year

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Along with the city to participate in online chorus of “I am proud of builders”, at 9 PM on January 29, 2022, also Spring Festival gala on cloud city, according to the statistics on the day of the nearly 70000 Internet users, watching live and participate in online interaction, the exclusive in city man to bring cloud also had a fun, beautiful and moving night.2022 Spring Festival gala on cloud city also directed by Beijing through the open area committee propaganda ministry of culture, is also the city (Beijing) science and technology culture group co., LTD., a total plan launched a dance class, language class, such as drama, poetry readings, 9 splendid performances, and brought the password for the online audience red envelopes, send Spring Festival couplets and a series of interactive benefits.”Swagger spring coming, big gongs big drum beat hi, big rich big GUI year worship, everything is thriving all over the world”, at the beginning of the “swagger Spring Coming” performed by the old uncles and aunts who live in the city and the young singers of Beijing Performing Arts Group, will be the atmosphere of the party “dance” hot.Then, the host lineup composed of Beijing Radio and TELEVISION host Li Yangwei, Beijing Economic development zone host representative Liu Jiang, Star times foreign host Zhou Ele, to extend the most sincere holiday greetings to the people of the district.Next, young crosstalk performers Zhang Tianlei and Zhang Shuo from Beijing Performing Arts Group brought the original crosstalk “Happy Reunion” to let the audience appreciate the technology and innovation culture of Beijing Economic development Zone in laughter, and how it changes people’s life imsubtly.Taurus chasing winter, fu Tiger in spring, a video “up 2021” with a review of last year’s Beijing Economic development Zone created a number of exciting “numbers”, these numbers behind the condensation is also the city every striver to pay for the wisdom and sweat.The third program “Dream Sonata” is a song and dance performance brought by the staff of Goldwind Technology and Beijing children’s performers. The energetic faces and the production workshop of the enterprise explain the youth is glowing because of hard work, and the dream is rising and blooming with sweat.”30 years, time flows, only love and dream forever”, in the melodious music of the Beijing Economic Development District literary federation, violinist Liang Danan, poet A Zi and yicheng residents and student representatives recite the original poem “China Yizhuang”, arouse the inner emotional resonance of Yicheng people.”I admire you calm sharp dare, dare to play games in front of the devil”, the clear pronunciation and mellow voice, rhythm of singing, the performers are three young face, this is by the National People’s Congress by the school of the affiliated high school of Peking Opera troupe of modern young actors performing Peking Opera “shajiabang” passage “smart war”, the three serious performance of Beijing Opera actor,It seems that the red spirit can be carried forward and inherited in the next generation through opera.”Wandering hearts no longer feel sad because of missing, passionate milu deer ran to the paulownia blossom place, proud swans slowed down the wings of migration, overlooking people coming and going, yizhuang yizhuang” a beautiful folk song named “Yizhuang Yizhuang” by the singer Huai Zilun singing, singing the aspirations of the city people.The seventh program is the artists from Ulan Muqi, Sunite Right Banner. They performed a warm and festive flute duet “Joy” via video link, bringing New Year’s greetings to yicheng people in the cheerful and flying tunes.The eighth program “Together towards the Future” was performed by volunteers from all walks of life in Yizhuang and professional singers. At the same time, the little players of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey teams of Yizhuang Experimental Primary School danced on the ice, making the audience feel the passion and dream of ice and snow games.Finally, the finale program was the singing work “We are proud Builders” collected through the network in the early stage. The chorus on the cloud was completed by builders from all walks of life and residents of different ages in the area, bringing the whole Spring Festival Gala to a climax.That night, liu Xiang, a resident of Yicheng Mingyuan community, watched the Spring Festival Gala with his 8-year-old son, Qiu Qiu, and two partners of Qiu Qiu.”The show is so good, I love the Beijing Economic development Zone where we live, and I want to be a proud builder when I grow up!”After the party, ball ball said happily.Beijing economic and open area work committee publicity and culture department responsible person said, this year by the open area to create the city cloud on the Spring Festival gala highlights the mass, cultural and original, in 9 programs 8 are created or performed by Beijing economic and open area community residents, school students, enterprise employees and other groups.These programs closely also city people’s life, about the city people’s own story, to show the elegant demeanor of the city people, is also a city “exclusive custom” cultural feast.”According to the current situation of the epidemic and the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Beijing Economic development Zone will organize enterprises and streets to hold a total of 27 mass cultural activities with the theme of Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and Winter Olympics,” said an official from the Publicity and Culture Department of the Working Committee.These activities are rich in content and diverse in form, including evening performances, folk activities such as lantern riddles guessing, book sharing and exchange meetings, and winter Olympic-themed ice and snow sports experience activities.These activities are mainly online, so that the city people can stay indoors, immersed in the thick flavor of the Year, through a happy and peaceful New Year.”Reporter: Zhang Yanyan