The launch conference of the film The Legend of Nushu was successfully held

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Yongzhou News (reporter Qingchaoping) February 13, the film “The Legend of nushu” boot conference was held in Jiangyong County.Zhang Yan, deputy minister of publicity Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary and Director of Hunan Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau attended and delivered a speech. Shan Zhufei, Deputy Secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work delivered a speech.Hunan provincial Party Committee publicity department two inspector Liu Lifeng attended the press conference.Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee propaganda Department, Jiangyong County Party committee and county government, film investors related leaders and crew chief staff attended.Jiangyong women’s writing is a unique and magical cultural phenomenon in human history, and the only female writing in existence. It has been listed in the “Chinese Archives and Literature Heritage List” and the national intangible cultural heritage, which can be called the treasure of world culture and the wonder of world writing. It has entered the United Nations for three times.It has been exhibited in Beijing National Convention Center and “Chinese Culture Night” for global diplomats, and toured more than 20 countries such as Switzerland and the UK.In 2021, a bottle of “Auspicious Times” by Nushu Madame was presented as an official gift at the 21st Meeting of the Council of Heads of Sco Member States.According to Zhang Yan, Jiangyong Nushu is a national intangible cultural heritage, unique in the world cultural treasure house, and an important part of Hunan culture.Shooting the film “Legend of Nushu” is a beneficial exploration of “culture + tourism”. It is a rare carrier and a rare opportunity to promote the rich tourism resources of Jiangyong County in Yongzhou City, which will further improve the popularity and reputation of Jiangyong County.Zhang Yan stressed that we should give good guidance and strictly check the whole link and elements of the script and lines.Further refine the theme of the program, highlight the inheritance and characteristics of Nushu in the film, organically integrate the socialist core values into the film, achieve the integration and innovation of content, theme, structure, logical relationship and expression, improve the quality of the film, and provide a popular and popular film for the general audience.Single zhufei pointed out that in recent years, Yongzhou has always taken accelerating the development of cultural tourism industry as a breakthrough for opening up, a new engine for enriching people and strengthening the city, and a fresh force for industrial construction. Cultural tourism undertakings show a good trend of sustained and rapid development.The shooting and promotion of “Legend of Nushu” is a concentrated demonstration of accelerating the integration of cultural tourism in Yongzhou and polishing the characteristic cultural tourism brand. It will surely add luster to the new name card of “Millennia-old punchcard resort · Here is Xiaoxiang” and make Yongzhou become a poem and distant place that everyone yearns for.Municipal party committee and the municipal government will continue to focus on, the full support of the shooting and promotion of the film, yun yong county, the county government to create conditions for the filming, provide service and protection, “the female book legend” to establish a concerted effort to show the “new yongzhou, good yongzhou, yongzhou, fu yong” high-quality goods, to better promote the yongzhou culture to go out.The leaders guests and cast and creative staff photo “female book legend” by xiaoxiang film group co., LTD., hunan when burning pictures co., LTD., hunan should be good and well, film and television culture co., LTD., nanguang culture creative industry co., LTD., produced by the joint investment, in which folk literature in the women’s script in jiangyong county “yao ji to borrow a sealed book” as the carrier and the prototype, through art creation and processing,It tells the heroic story of twin sisters of Yao nationality who fight against evil forces and give up their lives to protect their homeland.The true, the good, the beautiful and the great love conveyed from the positive side completely fit the film creation requirements of “little people, positive energy and great feelings”.