The 2022 Tengwang Pavilion Spring Festival Lantern Show is online, would you like to have a look?

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On the evening of January 26, the 2022 “Colorful Nanchang Happy New Year” Spring Festival lantern fair was held at Tengwangge scenic spot in Nanchang, jiangxi Province. The fair was sponsored by the Culture, Radio, Film, Press, Publication and Tourism Bureau of Nanchang and Nanchang Tourism Group Co., LTD.The garden Lantern Festival is one of the series of publicity and promotion activities in Jiangxi province to welcome the Winter Olympics and celebrate the Warm Spring Festival in Jiangxi.On the evening of the activity, at the east gate of The Tengwang Pavilion scenic spot, a grand “Lion Dance” opened the prelude of the Spring Festival lantern show of Tengwang Pavilion.On the main pavilion square, the traditional folk performances such as lion dance, dragon dance and walking on stilts are very lively. With the sound of the grand drum of nine sides opening garden, the whole square is full of joy, lively and peaceful festival atmosphere in the transformation of lights and shadows.Lantern show is the highlight of the Spring Festival activities of Teng Wang Pavilion, the lantern through the combination of traditional technology and modern technology, in the scenic area to build a “spring breeze in the beginning of a good year”, “the emperor is still in the pavilion”, “Tiger yue Teng Pavilion qianye wang” and other rich cultural connotation of the lamp group.A person in charge of the relevant department of Tengwangge Scenic area said that tengwangge scenic area is a cultural landmark of Nanchang city as a national 5A-level tourist attraction.The Spring Festival Lantern Festival can promote local people to visit the local area, so that the city residents and people who work, study and play in Nanchang have a happy Spring Festival.(Written by Zhou Chen, reporter of China Tourism News;Editing: Song Yuqiu)