Kaifeng, Henan: the new daughter-in-law is washing her head, her mother-in-law’s family is busy.Too melodramatic!

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Cao Xueqin said through Jia Baoyu in a Dream of Red Mansions, “Daughter is made of water and man is made of clay.When I see my daughter, I feel fresh, and when I see a man, I feel dirty and smelly.”Later someone simplified it to: Women are made of water.Since women are made of water, so clean, pure.You should be treated with extra care.However, not all girls in life can be loved and cared for.But there was a bride from Henan, and she was treated with great care.Hence she high profile basks in happiness: oneself want to wash hair, mother-in-law whole family all busy.The bride got a lot of stuff sprayed on her head during her wedding.The next day, she wanted to wash her hair.A bride prepares to wash her hair as the weather is fine in Kaifeng, Central China’s Henan Province, Feb. 7, 2007.The mother-in-law was busy burning hot water, the father-in-law was busy preparing hair washing equipment, the groom was worried about his wife catching cold, busy to cover his wife with cotton clothes….Everything is ready, the bride is lying on a deck chair, and then the father-in-law is responsible for changing the water, the mother-in-law is responsible for boiling water, the husband is dedicated to washing his wife’s hair…The bride in the video is A woman named Liu, who happily says: “It feels so good to be valued by the whole family.It feels good to be taken seriously!But I have not enjoyed such princess treatment!Think of all sad and embarrassed, but also feel too failed.Since the marriage, everything is hands-on, slowly train into a woman man.If someone is really waiting on me, I’m not used to it!The bride washed her hair, and her father-in-law was busy too. I was probably born with laborious life, married to a poor husband, spread on a strong husband of male chauvinism thought.Don’t say at ordinary times don’t wash hair, be pregnant also didn’t wash your head!I really envy Ms. Liu in the video!However, THROUGH observation, I found that the new daughter-in-law’s father-in-law is not very willing to serve their daughter-in-law.His expression was stiff, perhaps sensing that his family had been too coddling their daughter-in-law.Hahaha, am I picking a fight?Not on purpose.One netizen felt as I did, that it would be hard to bother others.You’re embarrassed to let others serve you.I remember one time, I went to the bath center with my niece.My niece invited a washman for me, but I refused.It’s so embarrassing to feel like I’m lying in bed with someone else scrubbing me!Feel sorry people rub zao work.Niece said: you this is money to buy a service, natural justice.The rub worker is happy. It’s her job….No matter how my niece tried to persuade me, I ended up taking a bath by myself.And I have never taken a tricycle, I feel myself sitting on it, the driver pedal hard in front, I feel uncomfortable!Always think that all people are equal, why do you sit on top and let others pull you?Friends have warned the bride not to be too high-profile to show happiness, many netizens also reacted, Ms. Liu’s treatment is not expected to last long.When the novelty wears off, everything goes back to nature.Netizens say what all have also some people say: almost get, too that will spoil.Silly cat’s point of view: It’s a good fate for Ms. Liu to enjoy the care of her family.Married into a loving husband’s family.So let’s not say the masses are sour grapes.Ms. Liu enjoys the service of her mother-in-law’s family, although outsiders have no right to interfere, but as a new daughter-in-law, it is best to be reserved.Let the husband serve for granted, but mother-in-law and father-in-law turn for themselves, rather too hypocritical.Young people should be well-educated, respect the old and care for the young.It is good for young people to serve old people, but not for old people to serve them.Unless you’re not feeling well and need someone to take care of you.The husband of madam Liu also considers owe week, not wash a head with respect to daughter-in-law, return as to alarm parents?He secretly put the water hot, referred to their own room, how to want to daughter-in-law shampoo how to wash.While WE can have some time together.What two people do together is conducive to enhancing the relationship between husband and wife.It is good that Ms Liu’s father-in-law and mother-in-law love their new daughter-in-law.As the saying goes, it takes ten years to look after your mother-in-law, and ten years to look after your daughter-in-law.Daughter-in-law just came to our house, life is not familiar, you should put daughter-in-law as their daughter to love.Original is not easy, plagiarism is prohibited, offenders will investigate!Little silly cat welcome to pay attention to comments, thank you!