Enjoy cherry blossoms and taste spring delicacies

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Qingming festival is not only one of the 24 solar terms, but also one of the traditional Festivals of the Chinese nation. It is not only a solemn festival to sweep tombs and worship ancestors, but also a good time for people to get close to nature, go for an outing, taste the freshness of spring and enjoy the fun of spring.By Hefei Evening News, Jianghuai Morning News, Hefei online held “cloud enjoy Luzhou Diffuse Enjoy Hefei – Chinese traditional 24 solar terms live watch Hefei” as promised.On the tomb-sweeping Day, cherry blossoms in several cities in the Yangtze River Delta were shown waving gracefully in the spring breeze, while hand-made qingtuan was well received by netizens in the interactive live broadcast.Citizens wear Hanfu to enjoy cherry blossoms.(File photo) Youth League production on-site teaching.The handmade green tuan comes out.The camera of this slow live broadcast is set in Hefei Binhu National Forest Park. There is a 600-meter-long cherry blossom valley in the park, where 3,000 cherry blossoms are planted. It is a concentrated cherry blossom viewing area in the city.Cherry blossoms in full bloom, rain spring, fluttering and sasa, a round, clusters, layers, pieces, as far as white clouds, like powder and fog, beautiful.Visitors can walk into the Cherry Blossom Valley and experience the gorgeous scenery of cherry blossoms in the micro-terrain valley.Good clarity to that jiangnan spring, live the slow response to the Yangtze river delta integration development, from the huangshan mountain, nanjing, wuxi, nantong, wenzhou, jiaxing and other landscape resort, cherry blossoms are, through the lens to slow live, net friends never leave home can look cherry blossom sea, Yangtze river delta together wait for disease spread flowers, into the beautiful spring.Enjoy spring fresh handmade qingtuan Spring flowers, all things recovery, a vibrant scene.Sleeping a winter plants also secretly drilled out from the soil, a tender, green buds.In the green mountains and fields, the delicious wild vegetables are also waving gently to diners, looking forward to become delicious delicacies on the table.Shepherd’s purse, chicken head rice, shrimp……Rich seasonal ingredients in the hands of the chef are painted by the concept of healthy eating and superb cooking, like a scroll of spring on the plate to be presented to diners.A seasonal taste, a ingenuity of cooking, more than the spring is lingering.In this interactive live broadcast, chefs from Hongrui Jinling Hotel not only presented the fine dishes from spring to the netizens, but also made the youth tuan.In the lens, a green, fragrant green group pleasing.Green dumpling is a traditional snack in The South of the Yangtze River. It is not sweet and not boring, and has a light but long green green aroma. As the saying goes, “Eating green dumpling around Tomb Sweeping day, you will not get sick all year round.According to statistics, the live broadcast was broadcast on the host’s all-media platform from 8 am to 4 PM for eight hours without a stop, attracting 550,000 viewers in total.Hefei Press all media reporter Li Jing/article Wang Hao/photo Disclaimer: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn