Dogs have “tears” really ugly, just a few tricks, let it say goodbye to tears

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When raising a dog, the dog tears, or very common, and the dog with tears after really ugly, if your dog also has tears troubled, might as well try the following tricks, can let the dog say goodbye to tears!The dog has a tear mark problem, the owner might as well give it a massage every day eye, as if the eyes are tired, massage can help dredge the dog nasolacrimal tube, let it reduce the occurrence of tears.Give the dog safe eyes, the recommended time is about 5-10 minutes on the line, too long the dog will be impatient!(2) to around the eyes take care also need to give the dog a day around the eyes care, hair longer dog need to trim the edge of the hair, for example, poodle and than bear dogs need pruning, or hair is too long can stimulate an eye, lead to tears, cause the staining, and the host also need daily with warm water to wipe the tears, then the eye drops,This can also reduce tears!(3) to eat more fruits and vegetables class want to improve your dog the staining problem, and master might as well give it to eat more vegetables and fruits, this also can help the dog dog to reduce the staining, such as purple potato, pear, apple, orange, if you don’t like to eat dog, can do some homemade dog food to eat, the dog will be more appetizing, can also be added to fruits and vegetables class!④ To choose a good dog food to manage the dog tears problem, but also need to cooperate with a good dog food, the best look at the dog food salt, can not choose too high, the minimum standard 0.45 puppies, adult 0.09!(5) to give it some decrease internal heat food in addition to the above way, want to reduce your dog the staining problem, owners can also give the dog eat the food of some decrease internal heat, such as duck, green bean soup, can give the dog dog decrease internal heat, so the tears will slowly decrease, if you don’t want to too troublesome pet owners, can choose a decrease internal heat effect of dog snacks!Interactive: How do you solve your dog’s tears?