Beijing Fengtai launched “warm heart ten”, to ensure that the lunar New Year goods into the sealing control area

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On January 30, Fengtai District started the distribution of Lunar New Year goods to residents in the sealed and controlled areas.In the morning, the first batch of goods including vegetables, eggs and meat were delivered to the yilan Garden district 1 and 2 in Yuquanying street.”Join hands in the fight against COVID-19, meet the Winter Olympics, we spend the New Year together” to send warm activities synchronous launch.Fengtai District launched “warm heart ten” more than 50 specific measures, so that the cadres warm heart, the masses at ease, so that the year of the Tiger Spring Festival warm filling the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.Fengtai District Bureau of Commerce will send vegetables, meat and eggs and other Lunar New Year gift packages to families in xincun Street, Yuquanying Street, Guandan Street, Nanyuan Street, Wangzuo Town and other streets under epidemic containment and control, as well as “New Year’s Eve dinner” for quarantined people and staff in centralized quarantine points, containment and control communities.The Organization Department of Fengtai District Party Committee allocated nearly 6 million yuan for party expenses, which was used to offer condolences to front-line medical workers and grassroots Party members and cadres, support grassroots Party organizations in epidemic prevention and control, and subsidize Party members and people who have difficulties due to the epidemic.The Federation of Trade Unions in Fengtai District will distribute anti-epidemic materials and funds to its employee member units and centralized quarantine points, and send 5,000 yuan worth of materials to 27 trade union service stations in each street, town and park in fengtai District.We delivered 1,500 yuan worth of materials to 50 warm heart stations, including self-heated rice, self-heated noodles, fruits, dried fruits, candies and other items.The Civil Affairs Bureau of Fengtai District Committee mobilized the outstanding social organization in fengtai District — Beijing Fengtai District Women entrepreneurs Association to donate more than 6,000 hand creams to all the community (village) workers and full-time party affairs workers of 26 streets and towns in the district.In terms of helping the Winter Olympics, Fengtai District will visit the service support staff of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, jointly with fengtai District Qiaoniang Association to carry out 10 “Fengtai Qiaoniang to welcome the Winter Olympics online manual classes” around the theme of the Winter Olympics, and will also carry out “Together for the Future” 2022 Fengtai District Federation of Literary and Art Online Spring Festival performance activities.Sports and health activities such as “Cloud Running”, “Snow and ice on cloud” and “Cloud Fitness” have been carried out to help residents exercise at home and cheer for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Fengtai District will also be led by the district-level social psychological service center, 17 social psychological service centers (stations) in fengtai District, the establishment of professional psychological service teams, to provide social psychological services for the district’s frontline workers and residents.In addition, the whole district will carry out online live broadcast of “Fu Hu Spring Festival and Auspicious Chinese New Year”, “Cloud gathering”, online temple fair and other activities, so that residents can enjoy a meaningful Beijing Festival.Source: Beijing daily client | journalists Sun Ying process editor: U065 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.