Zhanyi District “human and social Service pioneer team” went into the enterprise to explain the zero-distance service face to face

2022-08-04 0 By

To build a firm “social security services into the home, rights and interests to implement the individual” service concept.On March 30, “human and social service pioneer team” of Zhanyi District visited 4 private enterprises in Baishui Town of Zhanyi District to carry out door-to-door delivery policy and service activities.In combination with the employment and social insurance participation of various enterprises, members of the “Human and social Service Pioneer team” publicized and explained labor contract law, social insurance law, endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and other relevant policies and regulations face to face, guiding enterprises to employ workers in accordance with the law.Zhanyi District, through the establishment of “human and social services pioneer team”, takes the way of “doorto door service” to serve enterprises, and strives to achieve the work goal of “enterprises do social security, never run once”.In the next step, the Human resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhanyi District will lead the way with the “front-line work method” and carry out regular activities of “human resources and social security service pioneer team” into communities, villages, enterprises, schools and families, providing door-to-door services for more service objects, and earnestly implementing and reducing the human resources and social security policies.Correspondent Shu Xing audited Kong Yan