Service upgrade, jietu car six service commitment to escort you

2022-08-04 0 By

As the saying goes, “The world’s martial arts, only fast can never break”, there is such a dark horse in the automobile industry, which has gained 400,000 users in 3 years, and completed the perfect transformation from product sequence to independent brand, creating a new speed of development of China’s cutting-edge SUV brand, which is Chery Holding Jietu Automobile.Behind its rapid development, it is inseparable from its precise strategic positioning of “travel +” and the user service and marketing system advancing with The Times.It is reported that on September 10, Jieway automobile officially announced the upgrade of user services on the fourth fan culture Festival, and released six major user service commitments. This action further enrichis its marketing service territory at the same time, but also once again showed the charm of “Jieway speed”.This time, Jietu automobile released 6 service commitments including “rest assured 100%”, “7*24h real-time service”, “booking heart”, “45 minutes fast protection”, “enjoy service”, “evaluation has good gift” and other services, covering the whole process of after-sales car service.It can be seen that each service commitment has given users practical rights and interests, Jietu automobile does not forget the original intention, always adhere to meet the needs of consumers to upgrade as their own responsibility, with better service for users to escort travel, really do “want to think of the user, worry about the user’s worry”.No diamond, no porcelain work.Jietu Motor dares to make such a high standard of service commitment, not only because of its attention to the improvement of user service experience and determination, but also because of its continuous improvement of digital marketing service system support.Since May this year, Jietu Auto APP has launched various intelligent service functions, with professional, intelligent, enjoy, connection as the service principle, through intelligent services and users to establish an “online advisory relationship”.At the same time, the offline service center is also constantly improving, Jietu Auto provides users with an online and offline communication platform, to build a complete intelligent service system.Service software and hardware upgrades, so that jietu auto has enough confidence to promise users more and better services.According to official information, jetway motor’s six service promises will be launched in the national Jetway motor service centers in the middle of September this year.For 400,000 jetway owners, this is undoubtedly a good news, to solve their car worries;For the auto industry, Jetto’s move is leading the way by providing Chinese brands with new thinking and high standards in customer service.The event will run from April 9, 2022 to May 9, 2022