Reciprocity!China supported Argentina in the dispute over the British And Argentine islands, but the British could not sit still

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A few days ago, dozens of foreign political leaders and heads of international organizations attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. They came from afar to express their support for China’s successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games and, more importantly, to consolidate and strengthen cooperative relations with China.Take Russia as an example. During Putin’s visit, China and Russia not only issued a joint statement, but also signed nearly 20 cooperation agreements, which are very fruitful.And February 7, according to media reports, Argentina’s President fernandez from 4, attended the opening ceremony and after a visit to China, the two countries also officially released on June day “a joint statement on deepening bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership”, article 4 of the above statement, caused wide attention of the outside world, especially the air directly.According to the content, Argentina reaffirmed its adherence to the one-china principle and made it clear that The Taiwan region is part of China, while China stressed its support for Argentina’s demand for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas issue and for the immediate launch of negotiations in accordance with relevant UN resolutions so as to settle the dispute by peaceful means.Talked about the falklands, believes that many people won’t feel strange, between the two countries had long history on the island to sovereignty dispute, even in 1982, a war broke out, although the result of the war with the British victory, but don’t give up on the falklands in Argentina decades sovereignty of cable, have been hoping that one day to recover belong to their own territory,But Britain didn’t give it a chance.It is worth mentioning that Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, tried to force us to make concessions on the sovereignty issue of Hong Kong with the confidence of the victors of the Falklands War.Therefore, when China once again spoke out on the Dispute over the Malvinas Islands, the British side couldn’t sit still. The British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss immediately tweeted that the Malvinas islands are part of the British territory, rejected any doubts about the “sovereignty” of the Malvinas Islands, and urged us to “respect” the sovereignty of the Country.Speaking of respecting sovereignty, the UK has never respected China’s sovereignty on issues relating to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Such a double standard act is really shameless.Therefore, Chen Weihua, eu bureau chief of China Daily, chose to refute, saying that at least China has never sent its navy near malvinas, but British warships often challenge China’s sovereignty in the South China Sea.Indeed, we will not forget last year when the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed through the South China Sea with wild talk of coming within 12 nautical miles of the islands. Although they did not dare to do so in the end, China saw all of London’s deep malice towards China.As the saying goes, Britain has done too much evil in recent years to justify a counter-attack.Moreover, As a major country with global influence, China should take the initiative in diplomacy and make some achievements.As both developing countries, China and Argentina have experienced imperialist bullying in the past. For example, the Falklands dispute was a product of the colonial era. In view of this, of course, We have to side with Argentina.In addition, Argentina is an important country in Latin America, and its President Fernandez made a special trip to visit the Great Man Memorial Hall during her visit to China. She is sincerely here to make friends with the United States. Why not gain an “ally” in the BACKYARD of the United States?Finally need to point out that the previously released news, prepare and discuss purchasing co-produced by China, and during the Spring Festival, the nuclear group to sign the agreement face to face with Argentina, will have its nuclear exports to the third generation of hualong, short time even out two fists, hitting the us and the UK’s heart, in addition to applaud what is there to say?For more exciting content, follow Tian Liu Talk