David Beckham’s son has been ridiculed for turning chef.Spend 600 thousand people fry fish, the net friend scold the relation door

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I watched a new show today and laughed at the headline: Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking Show Has One Problem: He doesn’t know how to Cook.(Grab bamboo shoots!)The beckhams’ eldest son Brooklyn, 23, has gone from amateur footballer, photography enthusiast and art dropout to culinary prodigy over the past few years.His new show is a follow-up to last fall when he announced his love of cooking and appeared on a talk show cooking.Back then, he was on the Today Show for the host of the famous British sandwich scene, still remember.Grilled bacon sausage, fried eggs, a little ketchup and then served it on white toast that I’d forgotten to toast and handed it to the hosts.Blow burst rainbow fart host, all thumbs up, smile or wry smile, no one cares.Needless to say, this dish caused a lot of mockery on the Internet.Awkward, untalented and offensive comments abound.”Laughter si.He gets all the opportunities that other people can only dream of, but he gets nothing done.””I tried soccer, but it didn’t work;Tried photography, lost interest;Now he wants to be Gordon Ramsay.I guess next time will be a fashion designer?””Sandwiches look as bad as his photography.””So he used a camera once and became a photographer, then he made sandwiches and became a chef.Then he’ll play Lego and be an architect.All this work has done nothing.”But Brooklyn didn’t believe in the Internet, so he never returned to cooking and now has a new show called Cooking with Brooklyn.A lot of people are asking, why is Brooklyn cooking again?It starts after the pandemic.According to his statement, due to the epidemic and his fiancee stayed at home for too long, he suddenly became enthusiastic about cooking. Every day, he could make pasta at home and vowed to appease his fiancee’s stomach.(Brooklyn got engaged to Nicola Peltz, daughter of the American actor and billionaire, in July 2020 and will wed in April.)He uploaded many photos and videos of cooking on his social media platform, such as breaking the walls of the machine to press seasonings, making homemade spaghetti, and pulling his father to do the jiggling.Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Brooklyn loving cooking.What has upset netizens and raised questions in the media is that he started his own professional cooking show and appeared with famous chefs when his cooking skills were completely inadequate.According to foreign media reports, Brooklyn hired 62 professional chefs, five professional photographers, nine producers and one professional cooking producer for his new show.(” Now you can do it for me!Love you “) why are so many professional chefs involved when Brooklyn is doing the cooking?One senior TV executive interviewed said: Because he can’t do it…In the episode of making traditional British fish and chips, Brooklyn calls it ‘innovative’ by stacking hash browns and fish fillets on bagel bread.But in fact, according to the show’s staff, except for mayonnaise on bagel bread and pre-made fish fillet, the most basic steps, including seasoning, wrapping and frying, were all done by professional chefs.In another episode, when he makes an innovative dish called “crispy rice sushi” for a friend, which is supposed to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, his friend comments after eating it: “This is so crispy, I think it could be oatmeal.”Related personnel also revealed: “He copied a lot of basic introduction, stirring, slow cooking, such as professional words, are later replaced by pictures.He had no idea how long the fish and chips would take.”But in front of the camera, Brooklyn told the group: ‘There are so many different types of sandwich you can make.Creative is the best.”Ah, this is all right?That’s true. Brooklyn and the show’s producers were reportedly given a $100,000 per episode production budget by the network because of his celebrity status and the support of his parents.”Unheard of,” says the insider. “I thought it was going to be a huge TV show.He cooks as well as his mother sings.”(bamboo shoot!In addition to brooklyn needing professional chefs to wipe his ass while he cooks, there were other parts that annoyed viewers.Visiting Nobu restaurant founder Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Brooklyn spoke directly about his father, saying: ‘I’ve been eating with my dad since I was 13.’With a budget of $100,000 per episode, making a cooking show without cooking, it’s easy to meet the kind of masters that many budding chefs dream of seeing, and brooklyn’s culinary extravaganza is a breeze.To promote the show, he made an effortless appearance on “The Corden Show,” where he once again cooked steak and fries in front of everyone.”It’s nice to have famous parents opening the way for you, otherwise Nobu would never have spoken to him,” one commenter wrote.”Footballer, photographer, chef, next month he’s going to be a banker and invited to count money!When will the world stop coddling this grown man?””Brooklyn’s talent is the Beckham name.””Salt and pepper to taste, gone…English food loves and hates!””Leaving aside his parents’ personal friendship with Gordon Ramsey, it would be fascinating to see Brooklyn cooking dinner with him!”In the eight years since he was 15 years old, Brooklyn has been on a track that most people would never dream of.First he played for the Arsenal Academy, but gave it up after only a year when he couldn’t get a scholarship.She was a model when she was not playing football. She appeared on many magazine covers with her mother’s help and cooperated with big-name photographers.At the age of 16, she shot an AD for Burberry at the recommendation of her mother, which infuriated many professional photographers who thought it was insulting to drop in such contacts through the back door.He was admitted to Parsons School of Design in New York the following year.At that time, his public perception was not bad. They all thought that they had found their real interest and would settle down to study.Just a few months after he entered the school, he released his photography book “What I See I See” with the support of his parents.(User: “I’m a big fan of Brooklyn Beckham’s bad photos and even worse graphics.”In 2018, Brooklyn dropped out of school to return to the UK because he was “homesick”. He didn’t make it, and lost the love of the public with his “anti-Asian” social media posts mocking the number of Asian tourists in Milan.Now, when photography failed, the tabloids pursued his romances and, eventually, his engagement to a rich daughter.The children of the rich have a low cost of trial and error and can almost be called “free will”.”Brooklyn is cute, but he can’t just open his own cooking show just because his parents are famous. No one does,” Ulrika Jonsson wrote in an article.”My friends who are professional chefs and trained in the service industry deserve to be on ‘The Corden Show,’ not Brooklyn.I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thoughts about connections and back doors.””Brooklyn didn’t choose to come from a rich, privileged, famous background, and that’s what he’s going to have to deal with all his life…Celebrity offspring are in the news every week showing off their number of followers, lavish vacations and lifestyles, or striking a few poses because they don’t have to be talented to rely on their parents…Hopefully Brooklyn will find what he really wants to do and make a career for himself.If you have to, leaving the community is an option.”But with 13 million followers, Brooklyn and his family certainly won’t give up the attention and cash flow that fame brings.The following April, Brooklyn will marry his fiancee at her family mansion, which is sure to generate another buzz.Famous for nothing, this is magic reality.