What is warehouse distribution integration?Detailed explanation of benefits and service content of warehouse and distribution integration

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What is warehouse distribution integration?The integration of warehouse and distribution is a one-stop logistics service that the third party undertakes warehousing service + distribution service + technical support + after-sales service + value-added service.Compared with traditional warehousing, integration of warehouse and distribution can save warehousing and distribution costs for e-commerce enterprises, improve inventory turnover and improve consumer experience.Warehouse with integration has become the direction of the electric business logistics and third party service company, through the whole batch of warehousing, centralized electricity business enterprise products, achieve electricity storage cost of scale economy, make the warehouse, software and hardware facilities, manpower, logistics, etc, to maximize the use of resources at the same time, after the goods out of the storehouse of unified distribution costs will be lower than from a single warehouse shipping cost;Secondly, through the warehousing logistics network, it can be uniformly sent to the central warehouse for distribution, reducing the cost of collecting pieces and delivery costs.What services can warehouse and distribution integration provide?First of all, the need to count the number of goods, and guide the loading and unloading personnel to unload the goods to the designated, signed receipt of documents and issued storage proof documents, and then to different areas of the goods hit different marks.2. Commodity inventory In addition to the above mentioned commodity inventory, there is also monthly inventory, regularly check the inventory of goods in the warehouse, and form the corresponding statistical statements.3. Storage of goods storage, need to rationalize the layout of the warehouse, so as to improve the efficiency of storage management, at the same time to do a good job in the warehouse ventilation, dust, moisture, fire prevention, anti-theft, anti-virus and other work, at the same time to pay attention to storage shelves, do according to the rules of operation, maintenance combined, to avoid unnecessary losses.4. Order management E-commerce enterprises receive orders, through the warehouse management system to receive the third party e-commerce warehouse, warehouse personnel according to the order information to select packaging, sorting, warehouse delivery.5. Sorting and packaging According to the order information, complete a series of operations in the warehouse, pick up the corresponding quantity of goods from the designated location and put them into the order box, check the information, and pack tightly according to the product attributes and requirements of the merchant.6. Logistics distribution will assemble and send the goods according to the order information, complete the delivery of goods in real time, and deliver the goods to consumers safely and on time.7, after-sales service Warehouse and distribution integration company has a professional customer service team, real-time tracking of logistics status and logistics satisfaction of the consignee, if logistics problems will be timely feedback and give solutions, maintain the brand image of e-commerce enterprises, to provide consumers with excellent logistics experience.8. Value-added services Because customer needs are diverse, many warehouse and distribution integration companies will not only provide warehousing and distribution services, but also provide executable value-added services, such as packaging combination, labeling, customized packaging supplies supply chain, etc.More and more enterprises layout warehouse integration, I hope the above content can help you better understand warehouse integration.If you want to know more about cang and other information, you can leave a message to tell us!