Two people were killed in a tragic accident in Hunan province when the brakes of an overloaded modified truck failed and the truck crashed into a tractor

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The yizhang county, hunan province, at the age of 35 year old male Zhu Mou, not only the heavy dump truck on the road, driving retrofit and overload driving, because of brake failure as a result, the vehicle roadway taking-up, crashed into a tractor, eventually leading to the tractor on the tan zhong mou, male one after two people were seriously injured died, two car was badly damaged.On February 4, 2022, the People’s Procuratorate of Yizzhang County, Hunan Province, released the indictment of the traffic accident case in accordance with the law, restoring the whole process of the case.Male Zhu mou, Han nationality, primary school education, driver, domicile and current address, both in Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province.Zhu mou is suspected of committing traffic accident crime, was arrested in accordance with the law.The court tried the case to find out, the day of the incident at 9:58, Zhu driving overload modified Xiang L license plate heavy dump truck, loading more than 50 tons of gravel, along the provincial road 346 lines from Yizhouxian Li Tian town to chishi township direction driving.When driving to provincial road 346 70KM, that is, yizzhang county road section, because of brake failure, the vehicle occupied the road and the opposite direction by zhong mou driving, take tan mou direction plate tractor collision, resulting in xiang L license plate heavy dump truck, push yue license plate direction of the tractor, rolled over in the left slope of the road under the vegetable field.Cause zhong mou, Tan mou two people injured after the rescue invalid death, two cars seriously damaged road traffic accident.After affirming, Zhu mou bears the full responsibility of this accident.Zhu mou’s defense lawyer believes that Zhu mou has always been good performance, no criminal record and criminal record, is the first offense, criminal negligence, to the case truthfully confessed criminal facts.Zhu mou has surrendered plot, confession and repentance, has taken the initiative to compensate for the partial loss of the victim’s family members.Zhu’s parents are old and sick and have two children to take care of.Summary above, suggest to zhu mou reduce punishment and apply probation.Another find out, after the accident, Zhu mou initiative to the case, truthfully confessed the facts of the crime.Zhu mou already compensated zhong mou family member 60 thousand yuan, tan mou family member 70 thousand yuan.Zhong mou, Tan mou family members to the court criminal collateral civil action, and the withdrawal of criminal collateral civil action.Shaoguan branch of xx insurance Co., LTD., and the victim Zhong, Tan family members have reached a compensation agreement, shaoguan branch of XX insurance Co., LTD., in the scope of strong insurance, compensation for the victim Zhong family members 100 thousand yuan, Tan family members 80 thousand yuan.The court heard the case that Zhu violated traffic and transportation management regulations, resulting in a major traffic accident, resulting in the death of two people, the circumstances are particularly bad, his behavior has constituted the crime of causing traffic accidents.After the incident Zhu mou automatically surrendered to a certain organ, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, is surrendered, according to law can be lighter punishment.Zhu voluntarily confessed, willing to accept punishment, can be lenient in accordance with the law.Zhu compensated for the victim’s family members part of the loss, can be lenient punishment as appropriate.Zhu mou in this case caused two people to die, and take full responsibility for the accident, the circumstances are particularly bad, does not meet the legal provisions of the application of probation conditions, therefore, Zhu Mou is not applicable to probation.Hunan Yizhang county people’s court first instance judgment, Zhu mou traffic accident crime, sentenced to three years and six months in prison.