The women’s Red Army after the Long March and the west, and the horse bandits bayonet drink blood, was captured by the horse bandits

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At the beginning of the last century, China was poor, broken and vulnerable.As great as China is, it can be said that it has suffered a lot of injustice and humiliation, but there will be oppression, there will be resistance.Countless Chinese children came forward, courageously, trying to save the Chinese nation in the water and soil, which is no lack of “picked up the bayonet”, women do not let the female hero.Their heroic degree, ability to bear hardships, no less than male soldiers.It also made indelible contribution to the establishment and development of new China.One of the women red army after the long march and the west march, and horse bandits bayonet drink blood, was captured by horse bandits trapped, also unwilling to yield, is very heroic.The heroine’s name was Zhang Cha-qing. She was born in 1914 in a small village in Hong ‘an County, Hubei Province.At that time, China was suffering from internal and external enemies, and for most Chinese, having enough to eat became their greatest desire.But Zhang Cha-qing is not willing to this, ambitious, want to change the status quo of China, in 1924, at the age of 15, she signed up to join the team, become a Red Army.After joining the army, Zhang Cha-qing worked hard, was serious and responsible, grasped every opportunity to make contributions, and completed all the tasks assigned to her by the organization very well.At that time, there were few women soldiers in the Red Army, and men could not do some delicate work. Zhang Cha Qing and the women soldiers in the red Army were like a brick, moving where needed, taking care of the wounded, sewing quilts and other work, zhang Cha Qing could always be seen.In 1932, Zhang Cha-qing was dispatched to the quilt factory of the General Supply Department to participate in the sewing work of soldiers’ clothes. However, there were a large number of troops, and the clothes made could not meet the needs of the troops. Many soldiers had no clothes to wear, so the organization planned to increase the number of soldiers and expand the quilt factory.The organization handed over the task of recruiting to Zhang Cha Qing and two other comrades, who were fully responsible for it.In a meeting, Zhang Cha-qing took advantage of the large number of people in the street and was very busy, so he bravely stood up and preached to the villagers about the policies of the Party and the Red Army, the attitude of serving the people and the recruitment of women soldiers.Folks listened to, after all one can’t help heart, but at that time the feudal thought in people’s hearts or entrenched, almost no one dare to believe that a woman can also play the war as a soldier, a lot of people can be a soldier to a woman to tea zhang qing, zhang qing tea then explained to them that their is a woman.She said loudly, the woman is a great role, should bravely stand up, brave for their own decision, the girls on the street after listening, are very excited, a hive of pupae came forward to find a tea clear registration.Zhang cha-qing recruited more than 80 women soldiers at a time.It can be said that it greatly increased the number of women soldiers, a whole women’s company at one time, undoubtedly, Zhang Tea qing served as the women’s long, leading everyone to do some “chores” to ensure the logistics of the army.In 1934, the Red Army failed in its fifth counter-encirclement and suppression campaign. In order to preserve its strength, 20,000 people started a massive strategic transfer known as the Long March.Zhang Cha Qing and other girls, of course, also participated in the strategic shift.Along the way, Zhang Tea qing led the women soldiers and large troops to climb the snow-capped mountains, across the grass, walk a single-plank bridge……Ability to bear hardships no less than the male soldiers, trek, hardships through the Long March.In 1936, the long March ended, Zhang Cha-qing by the organization dispatch, was arranged to the nine army supply department as company commander.At that time, bandits and landlords ran amicably, and various forces oppressed and occupied the people.The Red Army, well aware of the suffering of the people, carried out various degrees of “revolution” throughout the country in an attempt to get rid of these “thugs”.At that time, Zhang Cha-qing’s troops in the ma Ying mountain near gulang, and the Ma Army at that time had a very fierce see-saw battle, known as the gaotai battle.Many red Army were wounded. Zhang cha-qing went back and forth with the female soldiers between the front and the rear to rescue and transfer the wounded.In this battle, the Red Army suffered heavy damage. Almost no one survived. Most of them died on the battlefield.Although Zhang Tea qing survived, but was also forced to be captured when the wounded zhang Tea qing was still on the battlefield, to see their bandits, she did not hesitate or escape.Instead picked up the bayonet rushed to the enemy, one breath stabbed to death two bandits, fighting Zhang Tea qing also unfortunately head injury, faint on the ground.When she woke up again, there was no one alive on the ground. There were dead bodies everywhere. She struggled to her feet, crawled to a bucket, and drank.In fact, the bucket was full of blood and water, which should have been left by the bandits to clean the knife, but Zhang Cha-qing did not care too much, she was bleeding too much, was very uncomfortable, can drink water is very good.This thought Zhang Cha-qing can narrowly escape, can luckily “escape” from the horse bandits, but who knows this group of horse bandits but halfway back, so Zhang Cha-qing fell into the hands of the enemy, unfortunately arrested.03 into the devil’s cave horse bandits will Zhang Tea qing and other captured more than one hundred Red Army together into a large temple, but Zhang Tea Qing head injury is very serious, and even can be said to have reached the point of unconsciousness, a nearby grandmother saw it, they begged to the bandits, want to bring Zhang Tea qing to home.The bandit may also move the heart of compassion, see her sick, thinking that there is no use, will zhang Tea qing put out.Grandma will take it home, to Zhang Tea qing is very careful care, slowly, Zhang Tea qing injury up.In order not to drag the grandmother, Zhang Tea qing did not stay long, said goodbye to the grandmother, alone in the west to find the team.But the way is not peaceful, bandits many, dangerous, although all the way to hide, carefully hide nearly three hundred kilometers, but eventually on the road was found by horse bandits.After the horse bandits will be caught, will zhang Tea qing escorted to make clothes for hemp bandits, shoes qinghai Xining clothing factory to do labor.The people in the factory were all women captured by Ma Bandit’s husband, and most of them and Zhang Cha-qing were captured women prisoners.They were driven like cattle and horses, working day and night sewing clothes for bandits.Not only that, but also be abused by horse bandits, selected, like objects, live without dignity, it can be said that these women live like a walking dead, have lost hope for life.And about Zhang Tea clear comrade, according to its own memories, at that time there was a horse bandit to marry her, Zhang tea clear know after the potential dead not from the dead, then look for the opportunity, with the help of workers, disguised as men, escaped.04 Summary: Zhang Cha-qing comrade joined the Red Army, participated in the Long March to the west and other large and small campaigns, made a great contribution, it can be said that Zhang Cha-qing will devote his entire youth to the revolutionary construction of the motherland.Her tenacious fighting, love the country and the people, brave and tenacious spirit is worth every Chinese to learn, because it is with tens of thousands of compatriots like Zhang Cha-qing pay one after another, just have today’s Prosperous China.