Jianning County People’s Court visits “Send warmth”

2022-08-03 0 By

Fujian Rule of law newspaper – Straits Rule of law online January 28, recently, the People’s Court of Jianning County to carry out “two sections” during the “send warmth” visit condolence activities, more than 30 police officers through the village into the household, visit the discussion and other forms to more than 30 help families to carry out condolence activities, to help the people solve the actual difficulties in life.While sending condolence money and gifts to the people in need, the police have a cordial talk with the objects of sympathy, understand their physical condition and living conditions in detail, and coordinate and solve the actual difficulties in their lives.At the same time, the publicity of telecom network fraud related knowledge, to help them enhance self-protection awareness and awareness of the rule of law, enhance vigilance against fraud, guard their “money bag”.(Huang Chaonan)