Find a village in Japan, there is no history of diabetes and hypertension?

2022-08-03 0 By

A village in Hokkaido, Japan, has found a record zero cases of diabetes and hypertension among its residents, the Japanese news reported.This surprising report, caused the attention of scientists, after the study found that the original residents of the village for generations to pumpkin as the staple food.The mystery caused a stir in Japan.It turns out to be eating pumpkin.Some Japanese medical circles and business circles through scientific processing made of vitamin rich and low heat pumpkin powder, put into the market.The former Prime minister of Japan recovered from diabetes by eating pumpkin powder. Reports say pumpkin is also popular among Japanese women for its weight loss and beauty benefits.Pumpkin fever has now spread to Europe and then southeast Asia.Pumpkin production method: cooked food or when the staple food effect, with the treatment of diabetes, weight loss, beauty close tips: China’s medical books, Lingnan Herbal medicine zhiyun: pumpkin sweet warm, warm cough, heat detoxification remove insects.From the clinical and effectiveness of the visible pumpkin treatment of thirst (diabetes) written records.If you suffer from one of these diseases, try eating a pumpkin handle. You may find surprising results.