2022 Mudanjiang city, Heilongjiang province “Snow City Talent” recruitment announcement of 480 people

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In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the Talent Work Conference of the CPC Central Committee and Provincial Committee, thoroughly implement the strategy of “Strengthening the city with talents” and vigorously promote the “10,000 Young Talents Introduction Plan”, Mudanjiang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have decided to carry out the recruitment of “Outstanding Talents of Snow City” in 2022. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:We plan to recruit 480 professionals from public institutions with full budget allocations.Among them, 140 are from municipal public institutions, 48 from Suifenhe city, 40 from Ning ‘an City, 40 from Hailin City, 30 from Muling City, 59 from Dongning City, 30 from Linkou County, 23 from Dong ‘an District, 20 from Xi ‘an District, 30 from Aimin District, and 20 from Yangming District.For details, please refer to the “2022 Mudanjiang city” “Snow City Excellent Talent” Recruitment Planning Table (Attachment 1).2. Recruitment Objects and Conditions (1) The recruitment objects are university graduates with full-time bachelor’s degree or above.The specific recruitment conditions are subject to the 2022 Mudanjiang “Snow City Excellent Talent” Recruitment Post Plan (Annex 1).1. He/she shall have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China.2. Full-time bachelor degree graduates under 30 (born on or after February 14, 1992), full-time master degree graduates under 35 (born on or after February 14, 1987), doctoral degree graduates under 40 (born on or after February 14, 1982).If the recruitment post has special age requirements, the age requirements of the post shall be implemented.3. Uphold the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system.4. Good political quality and moral conduct.5. Have the physical condition and psychological quality to perform their duties normally.6. Ability to work in line with the job requirements.7. A full-time bachelor’s degree or above recognized by the state, bachelor’s degree or above;Graduating students in 2022 should obtain the corresponding degree or diploma before August 1, 2022.Overseas students should follow the above scope and be certified by The Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education.In addition to the “double first-class” construction of universities and universities under the construction discipline of other university preparatory students, students from the three schools of pairing up for college, college graduates, directed training, commissioned training of fresh undergraduate students, graduate students, adult education, distance education graduates are not included in the recruitment scope.8. Other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.(3) The following persons shall not apply for registration.2. Expelled from the COMMUNIST Party of China.3. Those who have been dismissed from public office.4. Listed as the target of joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law.5. In the civil servant recruitment examination at all levels and the personnel recruitment of public institutions, they are found to have committed fraud or other serious violations of recruitment discipline and are in the forbidden period.6. Active servicemen, full-time non-fresh graduates, on-the-job civil servants or staff of institutions (including probationary period).7. Civil servants or staff members of public institutions (including probation period) who have been dismissed for less than 5 years.8. Citizens who are conscripts refuse or evade military service solicitation and refuse to correct.9. Other circumstances that may not be employed as personnel of public institutions as prescribed by laws and regulations.10. According to the Regulations on Withdrawal of Personnel Management in Public Institutions, there are positions requiring withdrawal.Online registration time: 9:00 on February 28, 2022 to 17:00 on March 4, 2022.Registration platform: Mudanjiang Talent Work Network (www.mdjrcgz.gov.cn).Operation procedure: Candidates should select positions to apply for according to the “2022 Mudanjiang” Snow City Excellent Talent Recruitment Post Plan “(Attachment 1), and each candidate should apply for only one position;In the column of “Online Registration System” on the home page, select the column of “2022 Mudanjiang City ‘Snow City Excellent Talent recruitment” and fill in the application form as required;Upload the second-generation resident identity card (excluding temporary id card), 1 inch recent blue bareheaded and certificates as below (more than 30 k, 200 k), bachelor’s degree and diploma (fresh graduates in 2022 to provide training unit seal of the reading/calibration certificate), sponsored by the Ministry of Education of record of formal schooling certificate electronic registration for the record table “(2022 graduatesFor xuexin net “Ministry of Education student status online verification report”) and other materials.According to the “2022 Mudanjiang city” “Snow City Excellent Talent” Recruitment Post Plan “, those with professional qualification requirements should provide relevant professional qualification certificates, professional title certificates and other materials;Those with work experience are required to provide payment records of basic endowment insurance for urban employees (pension insurance for government agencies and public institutions), and work experience shall be calculated until January 2022.Candidates must strictly in accordance with the requirements for hiring professional fill in, my major was not included in 2021 the civil service exam set professional guidance directory of heilongjiang province, and a compulsory course for the specialty and hiring professional requirement basically consistent, can provide professional course transcript (office of affix one’s seal), issued by the college course material such as compared to enter oneself for an examination related jobs.Candidates are required to provide complete, true and valid personal information, and upload the required certification materials.Candidates should register online within the specified time, overdue registration will not be accepted.When applying for qualification evaluation additional score, applicants should upload relevant materials along with online application according to the requirements of “Qualification Evaluation Form of mudanjiang” Snow City Excellent Talent Recruitment in 2022 “(Appendix 2) and” Supporting Materials List “(Appendix 3).(II) Candidates can log in the online registration system of “Mudanjiang Talent Work Network” before 17:00 on March 4, 2022 to check the results of the examination. Candidates who pass the examination are not allowed to apply for other positions;Those who fail to pass the registration can change to other positions within the registration time.The ratio of the number of recruitment positions to the number of candidates passing the qualification examination should not be less than 1:3;If it is less than 1:3, the recruitment leading group shall study and decide whether to cancel the recruitment posts, reduce the number of recruitment posts or reduce the proportion of examination opening.The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If any part of the recruitment fails to meet the requirements, the candidate’s qualification will be cancelled.(3) Qualification Evaluation After the qualification examination, candidates who have passed the examination will be evaluated for their qualifications, with a total score of 100 points based on their graduation institutions, political status and achievements.The specific standard is based on the “2022 Mudanjiang” Snow City Excellent Talent Recruitment Qualification Evaluation Evaluation Form “(Appendix 2).According to the qualification evaluation results from high to low, according to the recruitment position and the number of candidates 1:3 ratio to determine the candidates for interview;If the position is lower than 1:3, all candidates are determined to be candidates for the interview;At the same time, the last ranking is determined as the candidate to enter the interview.The list of candidates for the interview will be publicized on Mudanjiang Talent work website within 3 working days.Candidates who apply for rechecking their scores should submit their application to the Public administration Department of Public institutions of Mudanjiang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security during the period when the list of candidates for interview is published.The interview will be conducted in a structured way with a total score of 100 points.Interview time and place will be announced later.Total score = qualification evaluation score ×40%+ interview score ×60%.According to the total score of the examination from the highest to the lowest, according to the recruitment position and the number of candidates 1:1 ratio to determine the candidates for physical examination and inspection;The candidates who are ranked in the same position will be selected for physical examination and inspection in descending order according to their interview results.Applicants with interview scores lower than 60 points will not be hired;Those who scored less than 70 in the interview will not be hired.The list of candidates for physical examination and inspection shall be published on Mudanjiang Talent Work network within 3 working days.(5) Physical Examination The physical examination standards shall refer to the “General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)”, and shall be carried out in a general hospital of Grade 3 or above, and the expenses shall be borne by the examinee.Those who do not pass the physical examination will not be hired.Candidates who give up the qualification of physical examination or fail the physical examination will be refunded one time according to the total score of the examinee from the highest to the lowest, and the list of candidates who enter the physical examination will be published on Mudanjiang Talent Work website within 3 working days.(6) Inspect those who have passed the physical examination.According to the relevant regulations and post requirements, the ideological and political, moral quality and ability quality of the inspected objects shall be investigated, and the qualification conditions of the inspected objects shall be reviewed.Vacancies for candidates who give up or fail the examination will not be filled.(7) Publicizing recruitment Candidates who have passed physical examination and inspection are confirmed to be candidates for recruitment, and the list of candidates shall be publicized on Mudanjiang Talent Work network within 7 working days.During the period of publicity, those who reflect problems affecting employment and check solid evidence shall be disqualified.If the candidate intends to give up his/her employment qualification, he/she shall propose to do so within the publicity period.After the expiration of the period of public notice, if there are no objections or the reflected problems do not affect the employment, go through relevant procedures and sign the employment contract;For the graduates in 2022, the “Employment Agreement for College Graduates” (” tripartite Agreement “) will be signed. After August 1, 2022, unified procedures will be handled, contracts will be signed, and jobs will be available.The probation period is 6 months for former graduates and 12 months for new graduates.After the probation period, those who pass the assessment shall be formally employed, and those who fail to pass the examination shall be relieved of the employment contract.In this recruitment, the municipal public institutions will provide subsidies of 1000 yuan, 1500 yuan and 2000 yuan per person per month for three consecutive years for full-time undergraduate and master students of “Double First-class” construction universities and construction disciplines employed by municipal public institutions, and for doctoral students employed by municipal public institutions.Those who purchase a house in Mudanjiang city will be given a one-off settlement allowance of 40,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan respectively;Those who have no housing in Mudanjiang will live in the city talent apartment for free within 3 years.Those who have a master’s degree or above, have been engaged in the professional technical work for a specified number of years, and have passed the examination of the employing unit shall not be subject to the limitation on the post structure proportion of the unit for the first time.Priority shall be given to the training and use of the employed personnel enjoying policy benefits, and special examinations shall be organized every year, and the examination results shall be an important basis for the training and use of cadres.County (city, district) according to municipal standards (talent apartment treatment according to the local actual situation);For those who have issued local policies, relevant benefits can be realized according to local policies. For the specific situation, please refer to the “2022 Mudanjiang” Snow City Excellent Talent Recruitment Plan “(Appendix 1).