“Reverse reunion”, parents’ love to fill the refrigerator and heart

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The Spring Festival reunion, children because of work to choose the local New Year, their parents will bring the New Year goods from their hometown to the children’s city, together for the New Year.Sound of entering home: Hi!Happy New Year, uncle aunt happy New Year.This is my father, my mother, auntie hello.Yesterday just moved into a new house, Nanning citizen Feng Denghai this Spring Festival has become particularly festive.Feng denghai has not returned to guiping for the Spring Festival for three consecutive years because he is on duty during the Spring Festival and his child was just born.In order to let their son work at ease, his parents have chosen “reverse reunion” and come to Nanning for the Spring Festival in the past two years.Feng Shengpeng, Father of Feng Denghai, said: “I will spend the Spring Festival with them.On their time, if they have to work overtime, it doesn’t affect them to work overtime.Spot sound: uncle all took some of what thing to son….Every Year, Feng Shengpeng will bring a lot of New Year goods to his son when he comes to Nanning from his hometown.Feng Shengpeng, Father of Feng Denghai: The local chicken, sanhuang chicken and some of this selenium-rich beef are our special products in Guiping.Feng shengpeng, feng denghai’s father :(why do you want to bring so many things to children?)Just feel the things of home, as if the taste is particularly delicious.Feng Shengpeng told reporters that these chicken are their own, and relatives sent the local chicken, because to nanning New Year’s Day, so before, he specially killed and one by one package.Parents’ love filled the refrigerator, but also filled feng Denghai’s heart.In order to let his parents immerse themselves in the changes of Nanning, Feng denghai has already arranged his parents’ Spring Festival schedule full of time by checking in nanning’s major scenic spots.Feng Denghai, a citizen from Nanning: For example, there is a flower show in Qingxiu Mountain, and there are also some Spring Festival activities in the Garden Expo Garden. There is also a hot spring in Jiuqu Bay nearby. My parents also like to soak in the hot spring.Feng Denghai mother Zheng Qiaojuan: as long as the family together, happy.