How to use the indexing in Mitsubishi PLC

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2. An address at which the location of data can be changed;For example D0Z0: if Z0 is equal to 0, then D0Z0 is equivalent to D0;If Z0 is equal to 2, then D0Z0 is equal to D2.It’s like an array.Why do I use indexing?Simplify the amount of procedures, so that complex and tedious procedures become simpler;For example: Monitor the indoor temperature change in real time, display the temperature change curve within the continuous interval to collect the current indoor temperature every second, the touch screen refresh the current temperature change curve every 10 seconds.Temperature – time curve of mitsubishi PLC ladder diagram of the specific procedures are as follows: simple program temperature acquisition program description: the D100 for temperature (temperature sensor calibration is required, when using the D100 displayed will temperature and real temperature consistent), indexed Z0 can make real-time temperature change in D1000 began continuous register.In this way, d1000-D1009 stores 10 groups of temperature values;10 groups of storage is full, it will trigger the touch screen curve refresh register, can display the temperature change.Why do you use indexing for such a simple program?It could have been done without indexing, but, as you’ll see, D1000,D1001…… for each lineD109 assignment, so it’s going to get a lot, and when we’re collecting 100 groups, it’s going to get a lot more tedious without indexing.Indexing makes the program simpler in some projects.