The father-in-law, who had been cremated in the morning, called in the afternoon and the family collapsed when the son-in-law picked up the phone

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Father-in-law died already cremated in the morning, afternoon to call from a son-in-law, son-in-law Mr Xu immediately, creeps that mobile phones have obviously with the ashes of his father-in-law, buried in the loess, was Mr Xu handling, how suddenly come out, the phone from the dead or the grave, and by what people call?At noon, Mr. Xu and his family took care of his father-in-law’s affairs and returned home to have dinner. The family sat together to remember the deceased, feeling very depressed.Suddenly Mr. Xu’s mobile phone ring, the phone let the dinner thoroughly into terror, calling the father-in-law has turned into ashes, Mr. Xu hands of the chopsticks instantly fell to the ground, the family who dare not press the answer button, have to comfort each other may just cross the line.As the family looked at each other, the phone stopped ringing and Mr Xu, trying to keep his composure, told them there must have been a wire crossing.Unexpectedly, the family did not react from the panic just now, the phone rang again unexpectedly, Mr. Xu instantly realized that this may be the father-in-law himself.He also heard of some fantastic things, to the underworld of the people will be in a dream and other ways, to the people between the sun to make some account, perhaps the father-in-law has what unfinished wish or care about things.Mr Xu muster up courage to pick up the phone, quivering opposite came the voice of a burst of prevaricated, simply can’t hear what he said, the family the mood of the moment into chaos, dreams say very widely in folk, but its basically has no scientific basis, a dead person alive with yourself using a mobile phone to call his family,Such a thing is even more rarely heard of, behind this in the end hidden what trick?Can’t really be a metaphysical event that science can’t explain?Think of here Mr Xu suddenly woke up, father-in-law died after the household registration id card and other information were cancelled, the use of the mobile phone number is the same.But even so, the phone number is only just log off, according to the program will not be bought from you so soon, inevitably there is a secret behind the call, although at this time Mr Xu also very fear, but he would like to find out the call back therefore, then to dial the father-in-law back in the past, the other is always went unanswered, the family into a deep confusion,A haze hung over the table.This thing is really let a person’s scalp tingling, Mr. Xu decided to go to his father-in-law’s grave, the family courage to come to the cemetery, the scene in front of the people was surprised.In the morning, Mr Xu and his family to his father-in-law neatly placed tribute has become disorganized, which makes people think of the Monkey King in journey to the West in the scene of the three Qing dynasty, is the father-in-law’s soul to enjoy the tribute?Mr. Xu took a deep breath to explore the father-in-law’s cemetery, this look can not be, father-in-law’s tomb was actually moved traces, surrounded by pry open enough to have five or six centimeters.After checking, the family found that the deceased’s mobile phone, radio, toothpaste and toothbrush were missing, in addition to the family put several hundred yuan in advance money.There is a local custom, after the death of the dead to put hundreds of coins in the tomb, known as the money, we realized that this is to encounter the tomb robbers, hate that person even the dead’s daily necessities are stolen, this is how morally corrupt behavior.Mr. Xu immediately reported to the police, at the same time he also wondered, in the end is what kind of thief in the tomb raiding still use a mobile phone to call their own, behind his seemingly stupid behavior, in the end hidden what kind of serial conspiracy?Several residents said they had seen two suspiciously looking men hanging around the cemetery. They never paid tribute to the deceased, but only walked around. They must be involved in the theft of Xu’s father-in-law’s grave.Police quickly tracked down a young man with a history of burglary and arrested him immediately after identifying him.The suspect said he originally just wanted to steal the money in the tomb, opened a look unexpectedly found a dazzling array of things, some brands than the living use also high-end, simply shoplifting can take all away.The funny thing is that after stealing the phone, the two suspects made a call out of playful psychology, completely exposing themselves, which is a pair of stupid thieves.Mr. Xu and his family felt angry and could not help laughing. It was not worth digging a grave and sending themselves to the high wall just because of a few hundred yuan.Fortunately, this thriller case was finally properly solved, Mr. Xu’s father-in-law can really sleep peacefully!