Optimization under the rule of law to do business | HouQi court: efficient enterprises dispute mediation Create a good business environment

2022-08-01 0 By

Recently, science HouQi left to the people’s court for civil trial court two successful enterprises with the sale and purchase contract disputes, mediation through the mediation of high quality and efficiency, not only make using the dispute of the two sides reached a satisfactory solution, and reduce the disputes to the litigation-related enterprise production and operation, the influence of the legitimate rights and interests protection enterprises better.In 2015, the defendant Wang mou purchased a house from the plaintiff a real estate Development Co., LTD., but the purchase payment has not been paid, the plaintiff a real estate company to the court.After accepting the case, the presiding judge immediately conducted in-depth communication with both parties of the original defendant, and organized the parties to mediate based on the focus of the conflict of the case in order to optimize the law-based business environment.After an objective and fair interpretation, the plaintiff agreed to waive the claim of interest from the defendant, and the defendant agreed to pay the house price as soon as possible. The two sides reached an agreement on the term of payment and finally made peace.The People’s Court of Kozuohouqi has always firmly established the working concept that “rule of law is the best business environment”, given full play to judicial functions, achieved win-win results through reconciliation and mediation, and actively created a “more efficient and better service” law-based business environment, escorting the healthy development of enterprises.