O ‘Sullivan slipped from world No. 1 to No. 4, Ding Junhui to no. 34 and Zhao Xintong to no. 6 in one day

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Beijing time on April 5, the official start of the 2022 World Snooker championship qualifying round.Ronnie “Rocket” O ‘Sullivan, who has just officially returned to the world No. 1, has slipped to no. 4 in the real-time world rankings of the official website of the World Taiwan Federation after sitting on the world No. 1 for one day.Ding Junhui, China’s no. 1, also slipped to no. 34 on the real-time ranking list.A day earlier, defending champion Neil “The Melbourne Machine” Robertson overcame four-time world champion John “The Wizard” Higgins 10-9 in the final to win the 2022 Tour Championship.After the tour championship, the latest world rankings, “Rocket” O ‘Sullivan officially returned to the world number one.The latest top 16 in the world rankings are: O ‘Sullivan, Selby, Robertson, Trump, Wilson, Higgins, Cho, Williams, Hawkins, Murphy, Breschel, Bingham, McGill, Lisowski, Allen, Yan Bingtao.Among the Chinese players, Zhou Yuelong ranked 25th and Ding Junhui 29th.The World Snooker Tour tweeted: “Ronnie O ‘Sullivan has overtaken Mark Selby to return to world Number one at the end of #2022 Snooker Tour Championship.”On O ‘Sullivan’s return to the world No. 1, fans expressed their best wishes, but also worried that the world No. 1 is not secure: “it is temporary and happy”;”Unless you win the championship, you will fall, and you can’t win the championship”;”Luckily the old man (O ‘Sullivan) has been working hard recently, otherwise we would have to go to the qualifying round with Dean.”Once the tour championship was over, qualification for the World Championship was seamless.It also means that the event of the season, the tour of the season has entered the final stage, the world ranking also entered the real-time ranking phase of the World Championship.O ‘Sullivan famously won her sixth world title two years ago, beating Wilson 18-8 in the final and pocketed 500,000 pounds for the title.During this year’s world Championships, to deduct his bonus points, thus, real-time ranking, O ‘Sullivan instantly slipped from first to fourth.Ding junhui also slipped to 34th and Zhao xintong rose to a new high of 6th.