Listen to the sound of snow falling in Jinggangshan during Spring Festival

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A snow let us feel the “year” footsteps getting closer and closer to the arrival of a snow harvest a snow give people an unexpected surprise before the Spring Festival (January 29) jinggangshan usher in a new round of snow during the Spring Festival (February 2) jinggangshan welcomed another snow festival family reunion, visiting relatives and friends at home when the snow also welcome the masses of friends to jinggangshan tourists, tourism,If you are already familiar with the ice Lantern Festival, ice sculpture exhibition and ski resort in northeast China, you will have unexpected and different harvest when you enter Jinggang Mountain to enjoy the snow.Jinggang in winter, pine pile snow, silver peaks rise and fall, a blossoming pine flower jinggang dressed up high wind jun bone, spotless white, is the best place for photography, snow.The original lush Jinggangshan changed into silver, the snowflakes flying all over the sky, the snow will be bamboo pressure out of a beautiful arc, people as if into a white fairy tale world, then it is a good season to jinggangshan spring snow.(eling trails) here, visitors can visit by modern technology to create and reproduce the red tourism history of national red tourism project, the jinggangshan revolution museum, feeling the northland scenery Huang Yangjie rime, known as the “mountain of wealth,” said the finger peak, appreciate beauty fairy longtan waterfall, to “Yin” specialty street jinggangshan specialty of choose and buy,Or walk in the beautiful Yilou Lake Park to experience the beautiful winter scenery with ice and snow…(Below is the long picture, please put the screen horizontally) (Panorama of Huangyang Snow Scene) If you take a look at it, the mountains are covered with white and thick snow.Eight hundred miles of jinggang became a silvery world overnight, holy and bright, with the grand sight of “mountain dancing silver snake, original chi wax elephant”.Above her head was jade, below her feet the ground was covered with silver velvet.Pick up a mass of snow, scattered to the sky, restore a naive romantic childhood.In the snow and snow, I admire the monument standing tall and reverent.To see this sparkling white snow, as if to see the revolutionary martyrs white good heart, as if to see the revolutionary predecessors holy selfless noble sentiment.The boundless forest with jade is clearly the condolence of hundreds of millions of people to the revolutionary martyrs of Jinggangshan. The silver jade ridge stretching thousands of miles is clearly the inheriting and carrying forward of the Spirit of Jinggangshan by the Chinese people.Jinggangshan snow, the spirit of the spirit into the depths of visitors.(Longtan Snow scene) Source: Jinggangshan Tourism Editor: Hu Daijiang Review: Zhu Feng Final Review: Liu Sha, Luo Zhijun Statement:We have always been committed to the protection of intellectual property rights and respect the copyright of the rights holders. Some of the pictures are from the Internet, and we cannot verify their origin, so it is difficult to obtain the permission of the rights holders. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us in time, and we will delete or communicate with the rights holders at the first time.