In 2018, 88-year-old hengyang elderly people living difficult to take care of themselves, 5 children refused to support, the elderly despair poison suicide

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At a young age, parents shoulder the responsibility of raising their children after giving birth. Although they are tired in the process of raising their children, they feel happy when they grow up day by day.At the same time, parents are getting old day by day. When they have no ability to work one day and need their children to take care of them, they need to fulfill the obligation of supporting them.It is also clearly stated in the Civil Code that parents have the duty to rear, educate and protect their minor children, and adult children have the duty to support, assist and protect their parents.The obligation of raising and supporting is a legal obligation to support and assist each other between parents and children, but it is also a moral obligation that has been passed down since ancient times.When one parent needs to be taken care of, family members with the ability to support the other need to do their best to help them, so that the other’s life will not be affected.On the issue of pension, raising children for old age is a traditional family pension model, and full of children and grandchildren is also a warm family picture.However, in 2018, in a county of Hengyang, Hunan province, 88-year-old Mrs. Liu was unable to take care of herself, but her five children refused to fulfill their obligations to support her, so that Mrs. Liu felt desperate and committed suicide by drinking poison. What happened in this situation that led to the unfortunate occurrence of Mrs. Liu in her old age?Liu married her husband early in life and had five children with him. Unfortunately, her husband passed away prematurely, leaving her with five children.In that time home lost the pillar, but also pull the life of five children, Liu old lady’s hard self-evident, and all these were carried down by her.Over the years, she supported her family by farming and doing odd jobs, and watched her children grow up and have their own marriages and families, with lighter burdens on their shoulders.Mrs. Liu was born in an ordinary peasant family, and she had never traveled far in her life. Besides, her children’s homes were not far from each other after they got married, so they could help each other if something happened to them.Perhaps it was the habit of taking care of the children for so many years that, well into his eighties, he still watered the garden and kept some chickens in the yard.And she lives in an old house, the daily life does not need children to take care of, oneself a person can be busy come over, and her life has changed because of the arrival of demolition money.The family walks more, the relationship just appears close some, and before this demolition money appears, several children of Liu old lady seldom come to her home to walk, hearing that old house demolition can be divided into a sum of money, the children and liu old lady’s contacts just more up.Later, liu’s house was demolished, after the demolition money came down, Liu gave the money to several children, but she had no place to go.Originally, after the house was demolished, the five sons and daughters drew lots to decide who would take care of the old man. Every year, the old woman lived in the old man’s home first, and then the old man took care of the old man.And after the deadline arrived, Liu old lady also packed up the delicate preparation to move to the eldest son to live in, but when she came to the eldest son’s door was blocked by the daughter-in-law, but also threw her clothes out.The eldest family did not want to take her away, and the third family also felt that they had done their duty. Mrs. Liu had no place to go after being turned away, and several other families refused to come forward to take care of the elderly.Seeing that Liu was homeless, the villagers felt sorry for her, so they went to the village committee, hoping to coordinate the handling of the matter through the village committee. However, liu’s children were not willing to take her home, so they had a quarrel and kicked a ball.Old Mrs. Liu was old but sane, and when she saw that the children were not willing to take her home, and there was a conflict, she went to live in the bridge cave.Old Lady Liu had a good reputation in the village. She took care of her children alone for so many years and never had any trouble with anyone. After seeing Her living in a bridge cave, some villagers brought her some hot water and hot meals from home, but her children did not show up.The village committee talked to them many times about supporting old Lady Liu, but it didn’t work. One day, the old woman felt desperate and chose to commit suicide by drinking poison.Villagers contacted her family after discovering the scene.But after several children came, feel is Liu old lady in acting, helplessly watched her poison herself did not call her emergency call, three hours later Liu old lady poison died.According to Article 261 of the Criminal Law, whoever refuses to support an old, young, sick or other person who has the obligation to support him or her, if the circumstances are flagrant, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance.At 88, Mrs. Liu was supposed to take care of herself, and she had brought up her five children, all of whom had families capable of supporting their mother, but none of them ended up taking over.Five children refuse to support Liu laotai, let an old person lonely without depending on the choice to take medicine to commit suicide, and after they see old mother take poison, also chose laissez faire, cause Liu Laotai dies.After Liu’s death, they were still reluctant to see her off. Finally, at the request of the village committee, they asked each family to come up with 5,000 yuan for liu’s funeral.In front of Mrs Liu’s funeral hall, villagers lamented: “How pathetic!”Some people believe that the five children are responsible for liu’s death.Old age comes to everyone, and no one wants to see their children fighting or struggling to provide for them.As children, when the obligations to do need to do, this is not legal restrictions and shackles, but the protection of every old age life.”The crow has the meaning of regurgitation feeding, the sheep has the grace of kneeling milk”, the animal is still aware of gratitude, let alone people.