Aunt Du and Mama Bear have exactly the same tastes. They wear fur and make snowmen together

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Sometimes fate is a wonderful thing, especially in the 28 events reflected incisively and vividly.Twenty-eight years of wrong life, resulting in three generations of wrong payment, involving four families. After you reset the wrong life, you finally find that the new combination of family relationship is significantly better, whether it is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law or the combination of mother-in-law and mother.Apparently mianzhizhong Yao Ce is to press Du Xinzhi’s be fond of married a daughter-in-law, and Guo Wei is to press xu Ma’s intention to find a wife.Du Aunt and xiong Lei’s relationship since needless to say, Xiong Lei and Xu Ma get along with four or five years are not as good as du Xinzhi get along with a few months, two people regardless of clothing or temperament is the perfect match, there is no sense of violation together, but also temperament congenial, and Xu Min’s elegant intellectual incompatible.Aunt Du chooses to go to Jiujiang for the Spring Festival. When Du Niang and Mother Bear are together, you will find that the two mothers are also very compatible, no matter the figure, hairstyle or temperament, even the style of clothing is similar, almost wearing the same color of fur.Snow, du aunt and Xiong Ma young-at-heart, two people together to pile the snowman on the side of the road as sisters, you can see two people of interest is very high, but to finally you also don’t see what are they piled, may be as netizens comment: both are abstract, don’t ask aunt heap is what, big niang pile is the mood.Xiong Lei and Aunt Du often show affection, but Tian Jing and Xu Ma’s relationship is also very warm.Jing and bear 30 GangBao provocative completely different, and after the incident, she just like Xu Ma low-key, never in the network, like bears, and du jing also from true does not belong to his own things, don’t like Xiong Sanshi and former mother-in-law, so that the family is a lot less, let the nurse xu min is a lot less worry.Can you say that Tian Jing is not xu Ma’s blessing, now Tian Jing by their own accumulated reputation live, popularity has been high, live not only solved the family’s livelihood, but also for Xu Ma to appeal the law to provide strong economic support.There are also pictures of Xu Min and Tian Jing’s mother on the Internet. What about the clothes and temperament of these two mothers?I believe that the eyes of the netizens are also bright, everything is clearly revealed.Tian Jing has posted a lot of daily life, Tian Jing’s mother is mostly cooking, is also a very easygoing person.Three stone mother in Xu Min for lock after the performance is obvious to all, hit and scold staged the whole wuxing, Xu Min and Du Xinzhi style is different, even between the two mother-in-law is also formed a sharp contrast.Some people often say that you are stepping on one family to promote the other, but isn’t that how two families make people feel?Regardless of clothing quality character or temperament style are completely different, there is a natural gap, need to step on and carry?In any case, the relationship between 28 events as if already doomed, it can be said that it is not a family does not enter a house, Guo Xiong Du should be a family, and Xu Yao Tian should also be a family, will be wrong affection reset after also presented all the original appearance.28 incident is full of discombobulating, we not only look forward to the truth, we also pursue the truth, the good and the beautiful, the two parties of the 28 incident have supporters each other, but which party represents the truth, the good and the beautiful?Look forward to the New Year, all the truth can come out, let everything return to the truth, let the good people get justice, let the bad people get the punishment they deserve, let all disputes to calm down.And if anyone stole robbed occupied things, can be returned to the owner, if does not belong to their own things, temporary ownership is just like the hand of the sand, the more you want to grasp but what also can not catch, ultimately ended up in nothing, and the gentleman love money in the way, with the most glorious labor.