April 10 new car exposure!The new Mondeo 33,000 and the Chinese GL8

2022-08-01 0 By

The new generation Mondeo entry-level model is 33,000 yuan cheaper than the current model (1.5T). The LAN Tu Dreamer, known as China’s “GL8”, may become a new favorite in the MPV market. Jeep Gladiator, BYD Han DM-I/DM-P and Geely Bin COOL will bring more choices to consumers.Byd Han DM-I, Han DM-P Launch date: April 10 Pre-sale price: DM-I 216,800-292,800 yuan (after subsidies) DM-P 322,800 yuan Geely Bin Rui-Cool Expected date: mid-April Expected price: 79,800 Yuan Starting from the new generation Mondeo pre-sale price:Byd Tang EV estimated time: late April Estimated price: 300,000 to 340,000 yuan (after subsidies) Chery Tiger 8 Pro estimated price: 124,900 to 169,900 yuan Jeep Gladiator (import) Estimated price: 500,000 Wuling Jiachen estimated price:Wuling Hongguang MINIEV GAMEBOY edition pre-sale price: 598-73,800 YUAN LAN Tu Dreamers launch time:The new Mondeo and Tiger 8 Pro are expected to be huge sales hits and will pose a direct threat to their peers when they hit the market. Are any of these models your favorite?