Xu Xin responded to find his way to buy milk and bread: his son’s classmate came to visit, and there were 12 people living in the house

2022-07-31 0 By

Financial source: three words the original title: China respond to chasing a bulk milk bread: son classmate to come play in the home, the home 12 three April 7 news of finance and economics, but today, a suspected vc queen xuxin request in Shanghai some owners of neighbors help group, snapping up bread and milk to family chats screenshots on the Internet, netizens.Later, Xu xin responded on his wechat moments, saying that his son brought his classmates to visit the house, and there were 12 people living in the house, so he took part in the group purchase because of the high demand for food every day. Now the bread and milk problem has been solved.Xu also thanked everyone for their care and help, and encouraged everyone to come on and resume normal life as soon as possible.