Wei Xiang 42 years when the first male number one, the scene can not help but cry, to the staff three bows

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On February 12, the cast of The hit man released a featuresvideo on social media, in which wei Xiang revealed that he was very excited to play the lead role for the first time.At the end of the shooting, the 42-year-old Wei burst into tears on the set, saying that the opportunity had not come easily.He was still in costume, his eyes were red from crying, and he was super emotional.Wei Xiang thanked the staff for their efforts and bowed three times to all of them to express his gratitude for their help.After watching the clip, netizens left comments praising Wei xiang as an actor worthy of respect.Some people said that his acting has been good, from the happy comedian began to pay attention to him, but did not have the opportunity before.Others said Wei xiang was worthy and hoped he would shine one day.Wei Xiang once served as a soldier. After retiring, he studied acting at The Beijing Film Academy and then joined Mahua Funage to perform on the stage.He has starred in several hit films such as “The Richest Man in Hong Kong”, “Pegasus” and “Hello, Li Huanying”, but all of them were supporting roles, but his excellent acting left a deep impression on the audience.The comedy-drama “The Killer Is Not Too Cool,” starring Wei Xiang and Ma Li as a depressed little guy named Wei Chenggong, is currently in theaters.His acting skills, climaxes and humor have earned him nearly 1.9 billion yuan at the box office, making him a dark horse during the Spring Festival.Is the gold will always shine, like Wei Xiang so steadfast study acting, there will always be a chance of success.I wish him better and better performing career in the future, and he can bring more good works in the future.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete