Shangyuan police light yao Chang ‘an | recover 45 mobile phones arrested 9 people Chang ‘an police 14 hours to crack the stolen property case

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At 10:20 on February 7, 2022, Weiqu Police Station of Chang ‘an Branch of the Public Security Bureau received a report from a business hall under its jurisdiction that 52 mobile phones in the store were stolen, and the case was worth nearly 100,000 yuan.After the incident, the branch party committee attaches great importance to it, immediately assigned criminal investigation, Wei Qu police station elite police force set up a joint investigation team.Qin Xiaohu, deputy director of the sub-bureau, convened a special case meeting quickly and deployed the investigation and case solving work.Criminal investigation brigade, Weiqu police station for the first time to explore, visit, investigation work, timely collection of fixed evidence, extensive collection of research and judgment clues.Through the task force full cooperation, that night 23 o ‘clock xu, suspected of theft of the first suspect Liu was arrested in Chang ‘an, task force chase, at 24 o ‘clock xu, in Xi ‘an city captured the second suspect Tian, the scene was stolen 29 mobile phones.Investigation by the task force, suspects Liu, Tian mou in February 7 early morning after the implementation of the theft of stolen goods for fence.In order to recover the stolen mobile phone in time, recover the economic loss of the informant, the task force in the branch patrol brigade with strong cooperation, went to Xianyang Xingping overnight to carry out the arrest action.February 8 at 17:00, the task force again spread good news: successfully captured the acquisition of stolen goods suspected articles suspect 7 people, and then recover the involved mobile phone 16!At this point, the case is solved.A total of 9 people were arrested in this case, and the other 45 stolen mobile phones were recovered except the 7 mobile phones that were thrown away by the suspects.The case took only 14 hours from receiving the police to solving the case, and all the stolen goods were recovered within 31 hours.At present, the case involved personnel punishment and related investigation, evidence collection work is still in further development.Source: Chang ‘an Public Security propaganda