Police chief assassinate the PLA commander, was about to start, found the other side is his brother

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New China had just been established, and everywhere needed a fresh start.In the execution of a mission, General Yang Yong was almost assassinated by his cousin.Fortunately, before starting, the other party feel Yang Yong’s accent is very familiar, carefully observed after the discovery is his cousin, finally to avoid the disaster.Yang Yong was born in 1913 to an ordinary peasant family.In those years, the domestic warlords were fighting among themselves, and the society was very unstable. The people lived in poverty, and the lowest people were oppressed.Because Yang Yong experienced these hardships as a child, so he decided to throw himself into the revolution at the age of 13, but also changed his original name “Yang Shijun” to “Yang Yong”, the surface of their resistance to the road forward.Guizhou had just been liberated. At that time, Guizhou was still in chaos. There were robbers everywhere, and they took advantage of the chaos to do evil.The whole Guizhou province has more than 30 counties occupied by bandits, the PLA occupied only more than 40 counties, and most of them are rural, this situation is very unfavorable for the PLA.Guizhou thus slowly became the bandits to occupy the land, Yang Yong had to lead the soldiers to attack the bandits, guizhou back in his own hands.After the PLA was stationed in a county in Guizhou province, Yang Yong followed the army into the county.The county already had a KMT county police station, which was also taken over.According to the policy of the Communist Party, the KMT county police station is the same as the KMT.When the Communists take over the unit, they will give them a way out, not kill them all.But Yang Shiming, chief of the Kuomintang county police, was unaware of this policy and thought the PLA had come to kill them all.Yang shiming thinks the PLA will not only occupy the place, but shoot them all.He felt that rather than wait here to be dealt with, he would fight to the death and have a chance of survival.After Yang Shiming’s men knew Yang Shiming’s plan, they all agreed with the proposal.They respond to Yang Shiming together, make an appointment to resist the PLA to the death, killed the Communist Party.Yang Shiming that night while it was dark quietly lurking in the Yang Yong’s residence, Yang Yong was holding an emergency meeting in his residence, discussing the second day of bandits plan.Yang Shiming saw immediately ear to the door, want to eavesdrop on their plan.But when he heard the inside of the people’s accent leng for a while, the inside of the speaker why a liuyang hunan accent?Yang Shiming listened carefully again, and he felt that the voice was particularly familiar, very like his uncle and brother.He opened the door doubtfully and saw that it was really his uncle and brother.But he is very puzzled, to annihilate their leader is not called Yang Yong, how is his uncle brother.Yang Yong saw Yang Shiming carrying a gun broke in, at first was scared a big jump, and then also very confused to ask: “Shi Ming brother how you here, you here what to do.””Shijun, it’s really you.” Both of them were very excited and hugged each other without another word.Then the two men held hands and sat down to reminisce.Yang Shiming asked: “Jun brother when did you change the name, had known that the leadership is you and I will not lead the brothers ready to fight to the death.”When Yang Yong heard that his brother wanted to rebel and resist, he hurriedly said: “Brother, the Communist Party stresses policy and principle and will not kill you all.They will treat you well only if you lay down your arms and turn over to the Communists.”Still a little incredulous, Yang Shiming hurriedly asked: “I am Chiang Kai-shek’s police chief. Will the Communist party really release me and my brothers easily?Are you sure you won’t shoot us?””You don’t trust the Communist Party, don’t you trust me?I’ll vouch for you that you and your brothers will not be shot.””What’s the use of your guarantee? No one will listen to you.”Yang Shiyong looked at Yang Yong in disbelief.Then a soldier beside him said, “Our commander never lies. When he says he can save you, he will save you.Yang Shiming heard here more surprised, his brother is the commander.Yang Yong smiled and said to Yang Shiming, “You take your brothers to the Communist Party and join the revolution with the PLA.”Yang Shiming immediately agreed, he hurried back to those in advance of the mountain ambush brothers, they took refuge with the Communist Party.Conclusion: Yang Yong and Yang Zhiming signed a certificate of uprising, indicating Yang Shiming’s determination to submit.Then Yang Shiming took his brothers to join the bandit eradication team, made military achievements, was arranged in guizhou local work.Years later, Yang Yong returned home to visit relatives also joked: “WHEN I took part in the revolution for decades, it was not easy when the commander was almost shot by the World.”Yang Shiming also regrets: “if it were not for Yang Yong to pull me to a bright revolutionary road, I would not have today’s achievements.”