“News” “spring boudoir dream people” today official xuan Ding Yu Xi Peng Xiaolan staged sweet love game

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Today, by the policy, penguins, film and television, China’s core culture, love you entertainment film, Xie Ze director of ancient costume light love love drama “the best spring dream people” official officer xuan, Ding Yu xi, small peng passed (in no particular order, according to the initials) as men and women, respectively in the duke of grim tsundere NingYuXuan and queer zyama genius girl,Start a sweet and appropriate romantic love game together.Double eye poster atmosphere feeling full Ding Yu xi peng small passed ancientry high adaptation interaction in the official release of the double poster, NingYuXuan (Ding Yu xi) bearing grand, mature and responsible, zyama (small peng passed) is nifty and clever, ghost horse show personality, zyama provoke NingYuXuan chin, ambiguous liao, flowing between two people add color of sweet atmosphere more romantic.Actor Ding Yu Xi, played by Ning Yuxuan, previously because of “Chen Qianqian in the rumor” in the role of Shuo Han become countless audiences in the heart of the white moonlight;And actress Peng Xiaolan plays by virtue of “The East Palace” in the classic ancient style modelling success out of the circle, become many fans in the heart of the “treasure girl”.The ancient wind is adapted to the two people with super high cooperation for the first time, causing infinite expectation, the spark that is about to brush between two people, also affecting the fans “get high sugar” “produce grain” enthusiasm.Together with the public starring still, Yi Daqian, Marco, He Changxi, Jia Nai, Luo Qiuyun, Wang Zirui, Fu Jia, A lia, Dong Yan and other people place themselves in the silver candle spring boudoir, gestures and gestures between different expressions, personality full case.The previous release of the scene is also rich in ingenuity and ancient rhyme, exquisite scene design, won a good reputation, which can be a glimpse of “Spring Boudoir dream people” excellent art production.Adapted from the popular novel of the same name by Egret Cheng, The novel tells the story of ning Yuxuan, the ruler of the Dynasty, who is obsessed with finding the man who killed his father. However, Jiman mistakenly enters the hou house and becomes the wife of Ning Yuxuan, the Lord gao Leng.With his own wit and business talent to do a prosperous cosmetics business.After two people experience wind and rain jointly, will enemy change lover, perform a paragraph of ancient outfit inspirational love story.In the setting of double strong, men and women leading roles will be in love to struggle out of their own world, although ning Yuxuan male leading role, but because of witnessing the death of his father and bear the torture of the heart, exhausted methods revenge for his father;Actress season is adhere to the “do not do lingxiaohua do oak”, with their own brains and efforts, in the complex ancient firm management of a belong to their own cosmetics shop, made the best-selling celebrity circle “personal brand”.Zyama is not confined to the back yard, writing a different history of the ancient inspirational career struggle, but also demonstrates the expression and pursuit of self-worth of women, full of power across the era.Love game, own heaven and earth, “spring boudogirlfriends dream people” in the future will be in Tencent video network alone, see Ding Yu Xi, Peng Xiaolan how enemies become family, hand in hand to break the era filter, get through their career love flower road!