Germany to improve the level of combat readiness of the troops encountered obstacles

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A soldier of the Wehrmacht.Germany will upgrade the combat readiness of the Bundeswehr to ensure national security, German Defense Minister Bert Lambrecht said recently, foreign media reported.To this end, the German federal government decided to set up a fund of 100 billion euros (1 euro is about 7 yuan), as equipment support for the Wehrmacht.In recent years, the Wehrmacht has been plagued with internal problems.In terms of equipment, the German military said in a report to parliament that the Wehrmacht’s equipment utilization rate was below 30 percent in 2017.Only 65 out of 221 combat aircraft were operational, 105 main battle tanks were deployed, only five out of 13 frigates were operational, and six submarines were put to sleep due to maintenance problems.At the end of 2020, Andre Vestner, president of the German Armed Forces Association, said in a media interview that the Wehrmacht’s combat readiness level was only 50 percent.In terms of personnel, the physical quality of the Wehrmacht soldiers has been repeatedly highlighted.German troops in Afghanistan hired military contractors to fly 22,500 litres of beer home when NATO troops leave the country in 2021, BBC reported.The investigation found a high level of alcohol abuse and a lack of exercise in the Bundeswehr.Forty percent of German soldiers between the ages of 18 and 29 were overweight, far higher than the rate among civilians of the same age.Although the German government is determined to improve the combat readiness level of the Wehrmacht, due to economic, management and diplomatic constraints, it is still facing many difficulties to achieve practical results.First, the economic pressures are unbearable.At the end of February, German Chancellor Martin Schulz said the country would increase its military spending to 100 billion euros from 47 billion euros in the previous fiscal year and increase defense spending to 2 percent of gross domestic product annually from 2024.In addition, Germany will buy 15 Typhoon fighter jets and 35 F-35 fighter jets.Germany’s economy is under pressure as the government sharply increases its share of military spending.Germany’s two leading economic research institutes have cut their forecasts for the country’s economic growth this year.Researchers believe a recession in Germany is increasingly likely.Second, extremist ideology is difficult to indoctrinate.The proliferation of far-right extremism has been a serious problem within the Wehrmacht for many years.According to The German intelligence service, the German Wehrmacht KSK special forces and other elite units have serious far-right tendencies, and more than 600 soldiers have become far-right supporters.Although the German military has taken measures to combat the far-right forces, they are still constantly banned.Third, it may provoke suspicion among Allies.Germany’s measures to upgrade its combat readiness and upgrade its weapons and equipment can objectively promote the independent defense construction of the EU, but this is what the US, THE UK and other NATO members do not want to see.In the EU, the enhancement of Germany’s military strength may impact the core structure of “German economy and French military” and weaken France’s leadership and voice in the EU.(Liu Benyu, Yang Bin) (Source: China Defense News)