Fried rice ruined classics!”On the wrong sedan married to the Lang” was remade, clothing to persuade passers-by

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There is an incomprehensible behavior in the film and television industry, that is, there are often directors and producers who think they can make the classics of many years ago into a big production, but do not explore new themes and scripts, but fight with the classics to the end.As a result, the remake is either rolling over or on its way to rolling over.22 years ago, the popular “on the wrong sedan marry the right man”, anyone still remember?They say he’s been killed too!”Getting on the wrong Sedan Chair and getting married to the Right Man” is a classic that can hardly surpass 20 years ago. Costume dramas are very popular in the market, and most of the films and TV dramas produced are also of high quality.Xixia drama, wuxia drama, drama, can rely on the plot, the actors to catch the public eye.”Getting on the wrong Sedan Chair and getting married to the Right Man” was also very popular and hot at that time. When it was hot, the TV sets in the neighboring houses almost all had the same sound.That year, “on the wrong sedan car married to the Lang” by Huang Yi and Xiao Li Lin, as well as Nie Yuan and other actors, in the case of the cast, the handsome men and women’s beauty, is really a visual feast.Don’t say is seen this play after 8090, is not familiar with the play after 00, will also say, “on the wrong sedan married to lang” the way of clothing is absolutely absolutely son, Huang Yi, small Li Lin beauty to let a person suffocate.Yes, “on the wrong sedan married to the lang” the way of clothing is really good senior, in that case, can shoot this texture of costume drama, visible the intention of the crew.Of course, the choice of actors is also classic.Huang Yi was full of spirit, very in line with the character of “Li Yuhu” careless.Xiao Li Lin is gentle and atmospheric, it is family daughter completely “Du Bingyan” himself.Such two gorgeous beauties, let “on the wrong sedan married to the Lang” became difficult to surpass the classic, their appearance level, is difficult to find in the contemporary flower.The new version of “on the wrong sedan married to the Lang” dressed the way to persuade passers-by, who can think of, this let the audience praised 22 years, let countless young people are feeling the classic, actually also have been remade.Recently, the news of the new version of “On the wrong sedan chair married to the lang” has been spread, and has been exposed by netizens. Reuters, the two female actors wearing wedding clothes were photographed in the birth picture, after the hot search, Internet users began to be upset.According to Reuters, the actors in “Getting on the wrong sedan chair and marrying the right Man” are probably new, which is not only unpopular, but also very embarrassing.I don’t mean to look down on the new actors, but the faces and figures of these two girls are no different from the passers-by. Who gave them the courage to challenge Huang Yi and Xiao Li Lin in the wrong Sedan chair and marry the right man?You sure you’re not afraid to get hacked?Two female appearance level not pass even, “on the wrong sedan married to the lang” of the way is also enough perfunctory, clearly now better technology, the crew’s funding is more adequate, the results of this way of clothing texture, but cheap.The production team of the original 22 years ago had a much higher aesthetic than the remake.The most embarrassing thing is that the two brides in the wrong bridal sedan chair will be mistaken, because they wear the same wedding clothes and cover the wrong different covers, so they will be mistaken.The new version of “on the wrong sedan to marry the lang” even wedding clothes are very perfunctory, the two actors’ wedding clothes are completely different can also be wrong, is the matchmaker IQ problem, or the director of the audience as a fool?Many users saw the way, also have fun, was directly persuaded to quit.To remake the film is not careful, this 22 years of classic, how can the director hands down?To destroy the classic, discover a new script to attract the audience that “on the wrong sedan married to the Lang” out of the remake version of the news, the author is actually a little do not believe, after all, now the remake of the car overturned serious, who also always find scold.When I saw the photos, I was really shocked. Is this really about “Getting on the wrong sedan Chair and marrying the right man”?Let alone the actors’ appearance level, this costume is really bad.To put it unpleasantly, the remake itself is rehash, destroy the classic.How many remakes are out there that really surpass the classics?A classic?One to destroy the other. Isn’t that a lesson enough?Contemporary scriptwriters are not decoration. Their existence is to provide more wonderful scripts. If producers want fame and benefits, they would be better to find more scripts with novel themes that attract audiences.I don’t know what the meaning of remaking is. It is good to say that it can surpass the classics. But if you don’t have the determination to make a good drama and even perfunctory to take the way of adaptation, why do you want to remake it?The new version of “on the wrong sedan car married to the lang” this Reuters out, afraid is not broadcast already cool?