3 PM CCTV compromise!Finally decided to live broadcast the women’s soccer championship match, was scolded to change his mind

2022-07-31 0 By

Beijing time on February 5th, The Chinese women’s football team will face South Korea in the Asian Cup final on The 6th, this final is not only a war of prize money, but also a war of fame, is the Chinese women’s football team to regain the Sonora rose spirit of the rise of the war.If China wins the final, it will get a bonus of us $1 million, which is equivalent to 6.36 million yuan. More importantly, it will get the key honor. If China wins the Asian Cup, it will reach the final for the 11th time and win the title for the 9th time in its history.And at 3 PM, according to the latest bombast from authoritative journalist Yu Jing, she revealed on her social media that tomorrow night, CCTV’s CCTV5 would give in to the huge pressure and live broadcast the women’s soccer final between China and South Korea.This time, it seems, CCTV sports channel CCTV5 has finally made a major concession and decided to live broadcast the women’s soccer final.We should know that the Chinese women’s football team has not broadcast a match before, especially the two knockout matches are not broadcast, the war against Vietnam and Japan team two games have no idea of live broadcast.Play Vietnam, Japan is not broadcast, is really let a lot of fans complain, because this match Chinese women’s football is really exciting, performance is really too good.After falling behind twice and coming back to level the score, they finally defeated the powerful Japan in the penalty shootout, showing their amazing strength, and more importantly, showing the sonor-rose spirit and excellent willpower of The Chinese women’s football team.In Lou Jiahui injured, many people cramp, but also to fight to the end, even can win Japan, is really not easy.If the game is broadcast, it will be a huge boost to the morale of Chinese fans, and a major blow to The Chinese national football team, especially the men’s team.But just like that, this victory is now at a low ebb in China’s sports needs, you don’t even broadcast this kind of game, this is not joking?National soccer team every game is live a not fall, eight games, all included in the loss to live on Vietnam epic shameful defeat, the result of women’s soccer team beat Japan all don’t, you this kind of discrimination and double mark, obviously is very unfair to the women’s, look now CCTV five finally going to have to make compromises,I hope this time their compromise can bring a good result, otherwise only network live broadcast without TV live broadcast, it really makes many Chinese football fans feel cold.However, there is another point that has sparked heated debate. So far, CCTV’s official website has not updated the live broadcast news of Chinese women’s soccer.It has been confirmed that the match will be broadcast at 7pm on 6th. After the news update, CCTV must immediately follow up, otherwise it is not scheduled yet, and it may not be too late. If you really want to win the appreciation and support of fans, this is a very important step.The combination of Wang Shuang and Wang Shanshan has a good chance to be the key to beating South Korea in last year’s Tokyo Olympic qualifier in a stunning 4-3 win.In addition, the women’s football team will get 6.36 million YUAN in bonus after winning this time, which will be of great help to the improvement of the treatment and environment of the women’s football team. After all, the National football team can earn 6 million yuan even if they win a game, but the women’s football team can not earn so much money.