Two days later, Shijiazhuang Daily paid attention to Jing Xing again

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Takeaway:February 1, on the first day, shijiazhuang daily in the second edition in the know who’d shout To solve the “distress sorrow to” “, for jingxing county “to sit a bench” activities reported in detail, two days later, on February 4, January 4, shijiazhuang daily in the second edition “the village” two committees “in the sun to dry”,Jingxing County implementation of party building to guide the promotion of grassroots governance ability reported……Jingxing village “two committees” work in the sun drying jingxing County implementation of party construction leading to improve grassroots governance ability February 04, 2022 Our reporter Li Kunxiao “complete caixing road hardening 1800 square meters, laying color brick 500 square meters, renovation of green space 300 square meters, the construction of 1500 square meters of a small park…””In 2022, we will make good use of pilot cooperatives, invest 2.6 million yuan to build a commercial supermarket of 1,800 square meters, and strive to build an ‘international tourist town’ development ‘trunk’…”Recently, in the south Xiulin village party building work annual meeting, the village party branch secretary high-end court on behalf of the village “two committees” team, will be in 2021 the work of the village to report faithfully, and a detailed introduction to the New Year village development planning.The Annual meeting of Party building work is not only a summary of the achievements of party building and rural revitalization work, but also a reality test of the level of party building leading grassroots governance.”Party building work annual meeting of the village ‘two committees’ good and bad work, put in the sun to dry, the assessment of the balance to the masses of party members to weigh, which increases the test of our village cadres, but also responsible for the masses.”High court said.Nearly two years, jingxing county, the county government attaches great importance to the grass-roots party construction work, adhere to the party tamper base thrift, paying equal attention to form and content, practice and effect of highly integrated development train of thought, the “see and masses relationship, work efficiency, the development and change, see the satisfaction, the people’s livelihood and” mode of “five”, let the party construction has strong tangible gripper.In 2021, Jingxing County took the lead in carrying out the handover ceremony of old and new groups in the whole city, and successfully completed the replacement of new and old cadres at the grass-roots level after the election.Has carried out the “well not centrifugal, linked with the heart” activities, the use of theme training, arena competition, with different angles, different dimensions to enhance the ability of cadres.The party secretaries in rural areas have been put into ABCD management, with key support, typical guidance, guidance by mentors and elimination of forced party members. A number of party members have been cultivated as pioneers and leaders.At the same time, the county focused on building tianlu Party members oath base and red resources education base.Promote 187 village-level organization activity venues, highlight the practical and popular requirements in the innovation of activity carriers.Organized and carried out “sit with one bench” and other party history learning and education “ten one” activities, in the county administrative village to open the “10+3+3” high standard Party building annual meeting as the theme of commitment for the people, enrich the diversity of party building carrier.The strengthening of party building has effectively solved a number of “difficult and miscellaneous diseases”.The problem of “difficult demolition” of shanty towns in Changgang area, which has dragged on for four years, was solved “spring breeze and rain”;More than 30 collective economic multiplication projects, including forsythia Tea Factory and Rose Manor, have achieved initial results.3P Rural revitalization project and Mian Man River Wetland Tourism Economic Belt Bond project, more than 2 billion yuan of “precise drip irrigation” into the rapid implementation……Currently, 1,437 projects by rural PARTY organizations to serve the people have been included in the 2022 task list, which is heavier and more effective than in previous years.(Source: Shijiazhuang Daily)